November 2014 Newsletter
Partners for Conservation

Partners for Conservation in Washington DC

In November Partners for Conservation traveled to Washington DC to visit with some of the many federal partners who are engaged with working landscapes across the country.  PFC makes these types of visits several  times each year to engage agencies and ask the question "How can we help" in federal efforts to keep landscapes working for both human and natural communities.  Visits during November included the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of Interior and Department of Agriculture.  Of specific interest were visits to leadership offices within the Bureau of Land Management and U.S. Forest Service, agencies which Partners for Conservation has only engaged with sporadically over the years.  Not surprisingly these two agencies which manage huge expanses of federal land within working landscapes were very receptive to PFC's vision of collaborative conservation through public-private partnerships.
Consider Supporting Partners for Conservation
If you support the idea of landowner-led public-private partnerships that conserve working landscapes for present and future generations, consider a year-end gift to Partners for Conservation!  Please send your tax-deductible gift to Partners for Conservation, c/o MBDG, 503 Main Street, Ste. 740, Pueblo, CO 81003. Thank you for your conservation efforts in 2014 and for your interest in and support of Partners for Conservation!

PFC at AGree 1st Partners Forum
AGree seeks to drive positive change in the food and agriculture system by connecting and challenging leaders from diverse communities to catalyze action and elevate food and agriculture as a national priority. Partners for Conservation was invited to attend AGree's first partner forum as a result of an invited paper on increasing sustainability of our working landscapes through public-private partnerships. AGree has adopted conservation of working landscapes through collaboration and partnership as one of their primary initiatives.  PFC, represented by board chair Jim Stone and executive director Steve Jester, had an opportunity to share PFC's vision of landowner-led collaborative conservation with a number of the 100 plus attendees.  PFC will look for ways to work collaboratively with the AGree group to scale up the adoption of landowner-led collaboration as a primary tool of sustaining working landscapes going forward.