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Dos (and Don'ts) for Fall Decorating

Bird- and pollinator-friendly choices

DO! Leave the leaves!
Fall leaves, with their glorious rainbow of hues, adorn landscapes like works of art. Instead of removing them, rake leaves into garden beds and create piles with excess leaves where they can break down slowly. This practice is great for invertebrates, which are an important food source for birds.

DO! Decorate with pumpkins, gourds, & corn!
Giant fake spider webs are a popular choice for outdoor Halloween decoration, but these webs aren't fun for birds and small wildlife that may get tangled up in them. Dry corn, pumpkins, and gourds are wildlife friendly alternatives that add seasonal flare.

DO! Learn more about birds and bees!
Maximize your bird-viewing pleasure by learning more. The Cornell Lab Bird Academy offers a free eBird Essentials course and many other excellent courses ranging in price from $30 to $240. For local information, the Neighborhood Naturalist newsletter will help you become familiar with birds, plants, wildlife, and insects native to the Willamette Valley. 

Landscape with Fire-Resistant Plants

The experts at OSU Extension Service have compiled a list of fire-resistant plants they recommend for Willamette Valley landscapes. It's available as a free mobile app and as a downloadable pdf from the OSU Extension catalog. Many of the recommended plants have one or more native varieties. Click their names in the list below to learn more about them.
Cascara                            Pacific Rhododendron
Currant                             Pearly Everlasting
Columbine                        Penstemon
Coralbells                         Red-osier Dogwood
Douglas Spirea                Salal
Fireweed                          Sedges
Geum                               Sedum or stonecrops
Goldenrod                        Serviceberry
Iris                                    Snowberry
Lupine                              Shrub Rose
Mariposa Lily (Tulip)        Strawberry
Meadow Rue                   Vine Maple
Mock Orange                   Wild Ginger 
Oregon Grape                  Yarrow
Ocean Spray                    Yellow Monkeyflower
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VOLUNTEER for Salmon Watch this Fall!

Between October 19 and November 17, we have 12 field trips scheduled! That's 84 volunteer slots, and many still need to be filled! Eligible volunteers are those who are fully vaccinated at the time of their field trip. All participants will wear masks; students sanitize hands between station rotations.
Need a Salmon Watch Refresher?
1. Check out the excellent Salmon Watch Streaming video series.
3. Read over the station curriculum on the Linn Benton Salmon Watch website.
4. Contact Heath for additional review.
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Fake spider webs are hazardous for birds and wildlife!
Corn, gourds, and pumpkins can benefit birds and wildlife!

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