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Formidable Fears

Those things that really terrify you


Hi, EFTer,

I've been reflecting on how we all have fears but there are none worse than those overwhelming ones, the ones we just can't control. These are the fears that, no matter that you "know rationally" there's nothing to fear
every time you think, see or experience "it"... whatever "it" (the feared object or experience) is for you, your subconscious mind overwhelms your rational thoughts and you can't help freaking out.

Maybe for you it's getting a needle, taking an elevator or flying in airplanes, but your brother has that fear of heights, and your best friend runs screaming from dogs as small as Chihuahuas. It seems like none of you can control that fear when it comes on.

Your heart starts to pound, you feel like you can't breathe, you want to scream but your mouth has gone dry and your knees seem like they're going to give out on you. When the feared object/experience is finally gone/over you find you're still shaking and you feel nauseous.

Screaming in Fear
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Help is on the way!

EFT to the rescue.

There is no real way for me to give you an example of how to treat this type of fear as, of course, what terrifies you and the way it affects you personally is bound to be quite different from one person to the next.

However, if you know and practice EFT, I can only suggest easing yourself in to this process. Be very, very kind to yourself. Fear of that magnitude is not fun. EFT is not exposure therapy (though we sometimes liken it to that). It can be so much more gentle a process than that.

My suggestions: Begin by thinking about maybe thinking about looking at a photo of the thing that causes this fear. If you already have a fear response to that, tap a few rounds to bring it down to zero or as close as you can get. Notice and tap on the sensations in your body as you do this.

Once that's under control, think directly about looking at a picture of the fearful object/experience itself and see how fearful that feels. Keep tapping and bringing the intensity down until you can easily imagine looking at a picture and having no fear. From there, you just keep moving up the ladder (but not if you have an issue with heights ;)), tapping all the while whenever you feel fear higher than a level 3.

The next step up the ladder would be to imagine actually facing the fearful object/situation. Once all of these imaginary levels are covered, to test the work, you'll need to actually begin to approach the actual situation or object to see what aspects are left to deal with. There may still be many. Again, be very gentle with yourself and, above all, keep yourself safe.

Dona Bilangi covers some good ground in this video despite the difficulty of tapping on something that could be very different for everyone (14m 33s - she gets to the tapping at around 2m 30s):
Xenophobia vs. Xenaphobia

In Depth Self-Work

For very dedicated EFTers, Silvia Hartmann has developped a very complete EFT self-treatment plan for dealing with these types of fears:

Trained Practitioners

EFT being the powerful tool that it is, we can often remove our own fears without help. This being said, sometimes our fears are more complex than we thought and things don't shift the way we hope or expect them too. Even with EFT, not all fears can be removed in one session or in just a few minutes, no matter what you might be lead to believe by peoples' miraculous claims.

Sometimes, we need to dig deeper as the phobia is only the tip of a bigger iceberg and the larger base of the iceberg need to be treated before the top can melt away.

If you find you're not getting the results you were hoping for, I can only suggest that deeper detective work might be necessary to find what is holding it in place and it's often helpful to do this with a trained practitioner . A trained coach or therapist will hold the space for you and sometimes reflect back to you the trees that you are too deep in the forest to see. Another person's intuition about your situation or invisible patterns can be invaluable to bring about breakthroughs.

For this kind of issue, always work with someone you like and trust. The person needs to know when to stretch the comfort zone and also when to stop and respect your personal limits.

If you have any questions I can answer on this subject or another, please don't hesitate to ask. It is always my pleasure.

Last minute plug: There are a few spaces left in my 7-week program. It starts today and will run every Wednesday from 1 - 3PM at the West Island Women's Centre in Pointe Claire. We will be learning about all kinds of different holistic healing techniques and test out a bunch for ourselves over the course of the weeks.

Final plug: Author and friend of Lee Carroll (Kryon), Jenny Johnston, is coming from to Montreal from downunder. She'll be offering a workshop in July on EFT and Past Lives. The event is completely FREE if you buy the CD set. If this subject interests you, please contact her, see the side-bar for more info to sign up.

Cyber hugs,

Kelly. xo

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The ABCs of Holistic Healing

April 15th to May 27th
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1:00 - 3:00PM

West Island Women's Centre (Pte-Claire, QC)

Each class we'll talk about a few tools and experience one. A mega handout is included.
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Law of Attraction

Sat., June 27th

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SSF (Montreal, QC)

Sometimes the LoA doesn't seem to work. Figure out the reasons why and counter them.
Tapping Into Past Lives
Jenny Johnston

Sat. and Sun.,
July 18th-19th

10 - 5PM

To Be Determined

Past lives can affect your present life in unexpected ways. Learn to use EFT to access and clear those past life memories.

Workshop offered by Jenny Johnston, author and friend of Kryon
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Join our FB group and find holistic events in Montreal
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