Monthly suggestion: Grrr... how often do you feel resentful?
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...or would you prefer guilt instead?

Hi EFTer,

In what ways is resentment (resenting someone or something you believe you must do) sapping the harmony from your life and relationships?

Resentment causes conflicts, both internal and external. Feeling like we "have to" do something, like we have no choice is very disempowering. And, it's very often not true. We generally have choices. We just don't like the options we see before us.

In his brilliant book "When the Body Says No" (<-- link to very cool book), Dr. Gabor Maté says this: "For many people, guilt is a signal that they have chosen to do something for themselves". He suggests that when necessary we would be better to choose guilt over resentment as "resentment is soul suicide".

Wow, just think about that for a minute! How many times have you done that?

Definition of Guilt
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Jilting Guilt
Why hold onto the guilt if we don't have to? If you decide to "do something for yourself" or NOT do something you think you should, and I suggest that you do, then there's no need to suffer for it, no need to continue to feel the guilt. The great thing about EFT is that if you make the decision that is best for you then you can release any emotion that comes up that doesn't support that decision.

Bennie has a very in-depth article and tapping protocol for dealing with shame and guilt both - this will offer very deep and lasting effects:

However, if you don't have enough time for that right now (it's VERY in-depth), you can give this a try to see if the quick-fix will work. If not, go back to Bennie's solution or, even better!, book a session with me :D (7m 26s):
An Expectation is a Premeditated Resentment
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Rid Yourself of Resentment
If you do decide to say yes when you would really rather say no (we always have that choice, too), here is a nice Brad Yates video to alleviate the feelings of resentment that may come up. They tend to poison our lives and relationships when they build up so it's best to release them as soon as possible (13m 12s):

So, don't let your emotions upset you. EFT means we now have the opporunity to keep our souls alive (remember "soul suicide"?) and that's what we're here for, to be our most authentic selves no matter what others may think or feel about it.

Until next time, I send you big hugs,


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Sat., November 29th

10:30AM - 4:30PM

The Grind Café & Wine Bar (Cornwall, ON)

PM - Using essential oils with the chakras
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Conference: EFT for Parents

Tues., November 18th

6:30 - 7:30PM

Kateri School (Kahnawake, QC)

EFT for parents and using it with kids
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