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Never Enough

Or so it seems.

EFTer, what is your definition of the word abundance? M0ney, surely, and lots of it! But really, I know you're aware that it's so much more than that.

My definition includes good relationships,a healthy environment, tasty food that's good for me, a satisfying job, fun events and activities, a feeling of freedom, a sense of purpose... and the list goes on.

What We Want
What we want.
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Bring It On!
A popular idea has it that we can attract abundance but can we really? I think we can, though Anita Moorjani suggests the word "allow" is more appropriate. Whichever word it might be, my own experience with myself and with clients has shown me that we can remove the blocks that keep us from allowing or attracting the abundance that is waiting for us just on the other side of those barriers.

I know that as soon as I do tapping on the aspects of my life that I feel are not coming to me and that I would like to have, I get a positive spike in whatever it is I tapped on. That might be respect from other people, it might be having more clients, sometimes it's just about reducing my workload.

Below is the link to a page with a long list of articles on different blocks people have toward abundance. There, you can choose the tapping stories that resonate with your personal issues and beliefs around m0ney and abundance:

"Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into." ~ Wayne Dyer

Gratitude and Saying Yes: Just Do It!
How much more do you think the Universe wants to give you if you don't appreciate what you've already got?

Many of us spend a lot of time complaining, most likely with an underlying belief that it will help to set the problem right if we point it out... or something along those lines. There may be some truth to that but in my house, there is "no whining without tapping".

Because, the truth of the matter is that, it's not by looking in the direction of the problem that it will be resolved. It's only once we've identified the outcome, solution or resolution that we want that a bridge can be built between the two. A lot of bridges have already been built for you or by you. To create more and allow more, it's helpful to our psyche to be reminded of that often. Reminded to look for and at the solutions, not just the problems.

EFT is a great tool to release the blocks. vows and negative beliefs that you may have about receiving but one can never have too many tools in one's toolbox.

Carol Look is an EFT Master who tells us in this short video about a couple of the non-tapping-related goodies that she uses to create abundance:
Gratitude and The Yes Game (6min 44sec).

End of Your M0ney Issues
Really, it's always on our minds so here is a YouTube clip that combines meditation and tapping to help you work through your m0ney fears and allow more $$$ into your life (24min 20sec):

It's not always easy to do EFT alone. If you'd like to work on your abundance issues more thoroughly please contact me to do some private sessions.

If you aren't sure whether individual sessions are right for you, consider this option: my friend and colleague, Darryl, and myself are putting together a program on manifestation for the fall. We will guide the participants in unearthing and removing blocks they have to allowing more m0ney and abundance into their lives. If you are interested in learning more about this program, drop me a line and I'll be sure to send you more info when we are ready to roll!

If I can help you with your EFT practice, don't hesitate to call me 514-770-1608 or send me any questions you may have:



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What Are You Manifesting?
Manifesting the Life You Want: More M0ney, More Happiness, More You

Date and Time:
T.B.A. - Fall 2014

A 10-week program to support you in removing blocks to manifesting the life that you want.

Montreal, QC

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Kelly Teaching Tapping
Tap, Drum and Breathe...AHHH!

Sat., November 23rd

10:00AM - 5:00PM

Angel Friend Monica (South Glengarry, ON)
Shamanic Drums
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