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Know Thy Self

I don't have the time

Hi, EFTer,

I've been thinking that to heal we need to start thinking about ourselves more. We need to start becoming acquainted with the subtleties of who we are and what makes us tick.

I know that sounds like a tall order for many of us. We're running around in our lives like chickens with our heads cut off and we don't have time for that.

Okay, I'll buy that, but not having any time never stopped anyone from brooding about the people and/or situations that are bothering them, or worrying about past or up-coming events. We do it anyway. We might as well take advantage of it and use it for positive change.

Which emotion are you feeling?
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Instead of wondering about "them", the other people involved, or "it", the upsetting situation, as we're ruminating we can turn inward:
  • What reaction am I having to this?
  • How does that situation affect me?
  • Where do I feel it in my body?
  • What emotion (click this list of emotions for some ideas) does that evoke in me?
All of these questions open a useful window into our inner workings.

Who Is "Me"?

Using these questions, we can quietly begin to develop a consciousness of "me". In the whole entire world, only YOU have your very specific, particular combination of likes/dislikes, qualities of personality, reactions and experiences. You are unique and you deserve to be met, heard, accepted and understood, at least by yourself.

Self-knowledge is part of the healing process. It's like taking inventory of what's working for you and what's not. It defines the things at which to aim your healing tools and techniques.

You might wonder what is the point of knowing or changing the self when the problem is "out there" with THAT person or THAT situation. Have you noticed that most times you can't change THAT person nor THAT situation? And as you keep trying, you begin to feel like a victim which makes you unhappy.

What Can I Do?

The only thing that you ever really have within your power to change is you and your perceptions.

That's why it's important to know yourself, so you can understand what feels uncomfortable to you. Those are the things you'll want to work on. It's your discomfort, only you have the power to notice it and do something about it.

Today, there are many, many tools (my fave, EFT being one) available to help you release that discomfort, distress, pain or whatever isn't working for you.
Healed at last!
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Think about that and if you want more info on what to do once you start defining the things that make you uncomfortable contact me and maybe I can suggestion some tools for you to try.

We all deserve a chance to heal.

Cyber hugs,

Kelly. xo
P.S. You can click here to get in touch.

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Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT/"Tapping") for Self-Care

Sat., July 25th

12 - 5PM

SSF (Montreal, QC)

Learn how to use this powerful self-help tool to release negative emotions.
Find all event details here.
Tapping Into Past Lives
Jenny Johnston

Sat. and Sun.,
July 18th-19th

10 - 5PM

To Be Determined

Past lives can affect your present life in unexpected ways. Learn to use EFT to access and clear those past life memories.

Workshop offered by Jenny Johnston, author and friend of Kryon
Click here for details about this event.
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Join our FB group and find metaphysical, spiritual and holistic events in Montreal
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