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Forgive and for-what?

No way!

EFTer, there may have been a time when you considered forgiving someone for something and then decided: "NAH!!" And I'm betting that's pretty common, especially at first try.

We've all been told that finding true forgiveness in our hearts will give US the most peace and freedom but that doesn't mean it's easy to achieve

Even when we truly want it, forgiveness doesn't come just because we've called, especially when we feel someone has deeply hurt or shamed us.

Forgiveness - The Key to Freedome
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I looked for some highly effective EFT resources on this topic because this is often a really tough one. Here's what I found:

I Forgive You
When people have caused us harm, it often takes a lot of courage and strength to let it go. Other times, we just get tired of carrying this old stuff around and we want to be rid of it. If you think you're ready to move toward forgiving those against whom you're still holding a grudge, follow along with this video. Mandy covers many aspects that are common to most forgiveness situations (29m 24s):
Letting It Go
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I Forgive Me
It's not only about forgiving others. Many spiritual teachings make it clear that other people are just projections of our own unloved and unaccepted inner-selves, so really the hardest person of all to forgive is ourselves. And that's the most important work we can do, whether we release our feelings toward others or not. Here is a great little video to begin the process (13m 47s):

No Forgiveness Here!

I'm Not Ready To Forgive
You know what? Sometimes we're just not there yet. Sometimes we don't believe we can or even should get there... and it's important to acknowledge and accept that as well. Sometimes it just seems impossible to let it go. And that's fine, too. So, here's a quick tapping script for that scenario, written for you with love by yours truly.

If you don't already know how to tap please see the top right corner of this newsletter to download a tapping sheet from my website. All the points are shown and the process is written out clearly so that you can follow along.

In the interest of space, I'm keeping it very short but please feel free to continue on your own. Add whatever comes to mind or correct my wording so that it corresponds to your situation. Also, wherever I put a line in the script, fill in the blank with what works for you.

KC: Even though I am NOT ready to forgive ________ yet and maybe I have NO intention of ever forgiving _____. It's possible that I never will and I deeply accept that's where I am right now.

ToH: There is just NO WAY I'm going to forgive _____ for that.
EB: ______ don't/doesn't deserve to be forgiven.
SE: Even if I'd feel a million times better, I refuse to let _______ off the hook.
UE: What happened is just not right and can't be forgiven.
UN: That's just how I feel about it right now and I'm making peace with THAT.
CH: Some people think I should forgive and that's fine for them.
CB: I just can't/don't want to do it and that's how it is right now.
UA: I WILL NOT forgive! and I'm learning to live comfortably with that.

Take a deep breath and do another round or two if you feel you need to.

Doing or not doing forgiveness work can be really challenging. Be patient and gentle with yourself. It will come in its own time, if it's what you really want and you set your sights on it.

Personal Growth Resources

Reminder - Personal Growth Resource Page
If you're interested in embarking on a personal healing journey or you're already well on your way, you may find some interesting reading or watching suggestions on my Personal Growth Resource Page here:

Or, for info about Tapping, there are lots of links on my EFT Resource page:

I hope the forgiveness work has been helpful to you. It's a big issue for many and when we manage to free ourselves, it really does open up a whole new world.

I'd love to be a resourse for you. Let me know whether these links or the script was helpful to you... or not. Or maybe you've got some resources you've come across that you think would benefit others, subjects you'd like me to write about and find resources for. It's always great to hear from you!



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