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Dealing with Disease

Where do I begin?

Hi, EFTer,

This month, my weekly EFT volunteer work at the West ​Island ​C​ancer ​W​ellness ​C​entre ( has got me thinking about the patterns I​'ve see​n in the work I do there.

It may not be cancer you are dealing with in your life but I​ believe that every illness can benefit from this kind of questioningdiscussion and tapping work.

I can't, in one newsletter, hope to address all the different parts and complex challenges involved in having a physical health condition or dealing with someone else's but I hope these ideas get you started thinking about aspects you could tap on to give yourself more peace.

Pat Carrington has written this article about whether EFT can help with illness and it covers a lot of bases:

More affordable diagnosis?
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When It's Your Illness

One of the first things I like to deal with is the shock of diagnosis. It might be diabetes or IBS, or maybe it is cancer. Whatever the condition, there's always some level of surprise in hearing the doctor's words. 

Somehow we're always kind of shocked and bewildered to find it can happen to us. The imprint of that moment often stays with us as a traumatic memory which can be cleared of emotion with EFT.

An announcement like this will often require adjustments in our behaviours and habits as well. That alone takes us out of our comfort zone.

This video about the diagnosis of IC discusses many different general points around being diagnosed with a disease. You'll just need to switch out the words "IC" and other details for your own diagnosis (17m 45s - she gets to the tapping at around 4m 35s):

A Loved-One's Illness

When the diagnosis affects someone else, someone close to us, it can almost be worse especially if it goes on for a long time. Some conditions are very time consuming and highly stressful, taking their toll on caregivers.

The worst part of it is that it's hard to allow ourselves the space to acknowledge when we are overwhelmed, fed up, tired and we've had enough. We judge ourselves and we feel guilty for having these feelings.

It's really important to allow ourselves to feel and express these emotions, to allow them to come to the surface. They do not mean that we don't care. They just mean that it's not an easy task to support loved-ones who are suffering and that is simply the truth.

When we do allow the emotions to come up and we talk about them, we can tap on them. This reduces the emotional charge we're feeling and can help us to go back to our tasks relieved. Who can better care for those in need, the calm, peaceful, focused individual or the frazzled, fed-up one?

This video by Brad Yates will help you to release some of the emotions around this situation (6m 58s):

NOTE: If someone actually made a video on this subject, it must be pretty common place. It's a sign that you're probably not alone and you don't need to carry around that guilt about your feelings any more. Just sayin'.
Burnout, Straight Ahead
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The Roots of our Illnesses

I think that we naturally wonder what happened to bring us to this place of physical dis-ease. Humans always try to make sense of things.

Our tendancy, though, is to look outside ourselves, to our physical lives, our physical environments to find the cause. When we neglect the internal emotional aspects of what may have opened us up to an illness, we may be short-changing our health.

I always suggest we ask ourselves a few questions like these to open the door to finding any possible inner conflicts around this problem:
  • Does anyone in my family have this illness? If so, what do I believe would happen to our relationship if I got well?
  • If my body was trying to say something to me, what would it be? OR If that part of my body had a message for me, what would it be?
  • What emotionally distressing experiences were happening in my life in the years leading up to my diagnosis? (ex. loss of a position or person, divorce, big move, economic difficulties, ongoing high-level stress for any reason, etc.)
These are just a few ideas to get you exploring some of the emotions that may be contributing to your condition or disease.

If I have piqued your curiosity and you'd like to investigate your own inner workings regarding a disease you are dealing with, I would be so happy to help you do that. It's always incredibly fascinating how our subconscious mind works and how it can affect our physical bodies without our being conscious of it.

Please click here to get in touch.

Cyber hugs,

Kelly. xo

IMPORTANT NOTE: EFT is always to be used in tandem with traditional medical care practices when there is no contra-indication from your medical health practitioner. EFT is never intended to replace that care.

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