Richmond Trees Leaflet - Oct. 10th, 2013
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Richmond Trees' mission is to promote and grow the City of Richmond's urban forest and green infrastructure through community planting, tree care, education and advocacy in order to improve the health and well-being of the diverse Richmond Community
Mark your calendar:

Arbor Day - Saturday, October 19th 9 -12 at Lucas Park

Tree Care Walk (Meet at Burg Park) Sunday, October 20th, 11 a.m.

Make a Difference Day. Saturday, October 26th. 8-4. Help rebuild Belding-Garcia Playground. 
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Upcoming events!!

Arbor Day! 
Saturday, October 19th, at Lucas Park

 Tree planters needed!
We will be partnering with COR, Groundwork Richmond, Richmond Rotary and the Watershed Project to create a very special Arbor Day event. Are your fingers itching to get in the dirt and plant some trees? This will be the first planting of the season. Please join us at 9:00 for orientation. We will plant 35+ trees. There will be food, arts & crafts, exhibits and activities. We have tools and gloves (although you can bring your own if you prefer). Please bring sun protection and water.

Please mark your calendars and contact us at if you are planning to attend so that we can get an idea of how many volunteers we will have.
Another great volunteer opportunity! Check out

Water! water! water!
Saturday, September 21st brought an unexpected and early rain shower. Our new trees were so thankful!! Many of the young trees that we have planted were desperate for water.

Since we can't expect steady rain until later in the season, here are some tips for watering:

Water for deep roots. Give your tree a deep soak, and then allow the top few inches of soil to dry out before watering again. Go ahead, stick your finger in the soil! Deep watering helps to discourage surface roots that can damage sidewalks and that become dependent on frequent watering. To ensure that you are getting a deep soak, you may need to leave your hose on a slow drip for 15 to 30 minutes or longer.

 If you see a tree that needs water, are you comfortable watering it? If not, can you please tell us about it? Can you come on a tree care walk to help us make sure that the leafy new members of our urban canopy survive and thrive? Do you know someone who could volunteer to water a couple of trees each week?

For more information, contact us at
It's an exciting issue when the the featured tree is the magnificent Redwood!  But, since we will be planting 22 of these on Arbor Day, it seems like a perfect choice. 

Evergreen and long-lived (living 1200–1800 years or more), this species includes the tallest trees living now on Earth, reaching up to 379 feet in height and up to 26 feet in diameter! Before commercial logging and clearing began by the 1850s, this massive tree occurred naturally in an estimated 2,100,000 acres along much of coastal California and the southwestern corner of coastal Oregon. An estimated 95% or more of the original old-growth redwood forest has been cut down, due to its excellent properties for use as lumber in construction.  

How exciting to bring some of these beautiful giants to Richmond!
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