Trade secrets: How we decide what to buy.
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Trade Secrets: Buying
We've shown you where we buy most of our inventory, and we've shown you the craftsmanship of our custom custom built furniture. Ever wonder what's our formula for choosing the furniture and home décor for our Chicago showroom? Here are some criteria we have for those perfect pieces that make the cut.
Aesthetic  has a lot to do with it, according to Old Plank owner, Robin Buxbaum. Many of our items are heavily influenced by country French and Mediterranean countries such as Spain and Italy—complete with ornamentation, smooth lines and the artful use of glass and marble. Most of those pieces are a stunning mix of 18th Century through mid century modern, such as pieces from the 1940s through '70s. And if we don't have what you're looking for, we can make it!
Quality  is a make-or-break proponent of whether we decide to purchase a certain piece. Though all pieces are sent through our workshop for the proper revitalizations, and we pay attention to the initial integrity of the piece—will it last another 100 years? Many antique pieces have been built to last generations, and we want to ensure that tradition continues.
Authenticity  adds further value to our inventory. Though we can reproduce certain items in our workshop, our antique and vintage inventory are not reproductions themselves. When we say "18th Century Louis XVI," we mean it.

Feel free to ask us more about our buying criteria—we'd love to hear from you!

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