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"To glorify God through missions in obedience to the Great Commission"


In September, we and another missionary family, started an English speaking church at the language school that we attended.   Our church meets on Sunday evenings to give the students the opportunity to attend a Spanish church on Sunday mornings and still have the option to worship in English.   
In November, Christy along with other SCORE missionary wives, hosted a women's conference for wives of pastors and missionaries.  Around 35 ladies took part in this event.  
SCORE hosted a banquet in November for the men and women's Costa Rican National Basketball teams.  Eric was able to share his testimony and present the gospel.
In March we had the opportunity to host the girls from the basketball club that Olivia plays with.  Eric was able to share his testimony and talked to them about what the Bible says about selfishness and how it applies to playing together on a team.
Every Tuesday Christy attends a women's Bible study with other missionary ladies in the community.  This is a great opportunity to learn from veteran missionaries and to share what the Lord is doing in their lives and ministries.
Every other week Eric hosts a men's Bible study in our home.
Please pray for the Vargas family.  Pray that God will use us as we disciple and minster to them. Pray for Eric as he meets with Manuel to study the Bible.
Eric had the opportunity to teach three different books of the Bible in our GAP Program this year. He was also able to invest in the lives of these young men.  


Stone and Olivia are playing basketball with local club teams. Riley is enjoying gymnastics two days a week at Sojourn Academy.   They are also involved in a local youth group on Saturday evenings and have made many new friends.
1.    Continue to pray for Eric as he  
       ministers to Costa Rican
2.   Pray for growth in those that we
       are discipling
3.   Pray for a potential sports
       ministry opportunity for Eric
3.   Pray for additional monthly


1.  We were able to purchase a
      vehicle.  Thanks to all those who
      gave to our car fund to make this
2.  The Lord provided a new home 
      for our family in January.  Our
      new home will greatly help our
      ministry here in San Francisco.  
      We now have room for Bible
      studies and group meetings.  
      This is a direct answer to prayer.
Thank you to all who gave to our car fund.  We were able to purchase this 2009 Hyundai H-1 for our family.   What a blessing it is to be able to have our own car and not have to depend on others, the bus, or taxis to take us places.  Not only has it made it easier for our family, but we are able to be more effective in our ministry here in Costa Rica.   
How Can I Become Involved?
- Pray -
Please check out our prayer requests and intercede for us daily.

We are currently only 80% funded with regular giving partners.   These are funds that are used for monthly living expenses as well as for ministry needs.   We are thankful for each of you who have given faithfully to our ministry each month.   We are also thankful for those of you who send "One Time"  gifts.  We use these gifts for health insurance, to renew our visas every two years, airfare, etc. They also help to offset the deficit in our monthly support.  Would you prayerfully consider financially partnering with our family?

Bring a group or come by yourself to visit us in Costa Rica.  Contact us today to schedule your trip and minister with us. We are thankful for those who have already come to see us.
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