How good are your decisons?  9 habits that lead to terrible decisions
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Dear Steve,

The countdown to Christmas has started and so there will be lots to do, many decisions to make and a great deal of energy needed to keep a feeling of joyfulness throughout. 

In this newsletter I look at :

Why HR professionals need to be braver
9 Habits that lead to terrible decisions.

Read on and pick up some ideas on how to improve your decision making capability and take on next year with renewed vigour.

This year, instead of sending Christmas cards, I am choosing to  make a donation to the World Wildlife Fund. As many of you know I am passionate about animals and wish to support the wonderful work they do to protect our wonderful and endangered species.

Adopting an animal can save their life, if you want to know more visit  Wild Life website

Enjoy the festive break and I look forward to connecting with you again in 2015.

Best Wishes



HR not brave enough

HR is in the firing line again, this time during a panel discussions at the 'Art of HR' panel debate in Dubrovnik. The art of HR was the focus of a new global HR conference run by Cotrugli Business School in Dubrovnik, Croatia, from 13-16 November 2014 in partnership with HR magazine.

According to the former Zara (Inditex Group)  MD, Vega,  "HR has lost credibility and is much less prominent in the past because it was not 'brave enough' during the global financial crisis".
He went on to say that "HR was not brave enough to do things in a different way, come up with new solutions. Top management respects people who are brave enough and try to change things in a different way".

Although I can relate to what he was saying I think the difficulty we have is not so much in coming up with ways to do things differently but coming up with ways of convincing others how these changes bring benefits to our organisations.

A question you might like to ask yourself is  "What 'brave' actions do I need to take in 2015 to bring about  the changes needed in my organisation? "

For the full article and more about the conference click below.

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 9 Habits that lead to terrible decisions

We all make decisions every day, some very important others less so. I find exploring how we make decisions very interesting and enjoyed reading an article that appeared in the Harvard Business Review which talks about 9 habits that affect our decision making ability.

Below is my summary and interpretation of the nine factors:

1. Laziness - failure to check facts and do the necessary research.
2. Not anticipating unexpected events - in other words not looking at the 'what if' scenarios.
3. Indecisiveness - believing that taking no action is to not to make a decision.
4. Remaining locked in the pas t- being inclined to say  'we've always done it this way'.
5. Having no strategic alignment - forgetting that the decision is part of the bigger picture.
6. Over-dependence - waiting for too many people to give their input.
7. Isolation - going alone and not involving the expertise of others.
8. Lack of technical depth - not having an understanding of the complexities of your organisation.
9. Failure to communicate on the what, where, when and how associated with their decision - not communicating in ways that help others understand. 

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f you would like to explore ways of discovering how you make decisions click below for a copy of my free download 

How do you make decisions?

HR Workshops
More to come in 2015

The HR workshop 'Building relationships that matter'. held in September was a great success. We all enjoyed exploring the way people behave and how to engage and have effective relationships with those that are different from us. 

"Excellent course, will be on my mind for years to come. Eager to put into practice."
– Michael Madelin, Lebara

The next workshop will be in March 2015 and will focus on helping HR manage projects to gain the maximum impact.

If you want to run a workshop in house please contact me on 07887 683456 for an informal chat or email

Wishing lots of good health and successes in 2015.



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