What a performance!.  Is it based on art or science?
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Dear Steve,

"What a performance!" The flexibility or perhaps more accurately the ambiguity of the English language makes it impossible to know, just from reading that phrase, whether the writer thinks the performance is excellent or dreadful.

How do we know whether our own performance or that of others is good? How can we sustain high levels of performance?

In this newsletter we look at performance in many different ways:

1. Through our new diagnostic tool 'The Performance Barometer', which gives you a measure of performance in different areas of your organisation . Scroll down to access our fantastic offer of a FREE report.

2. Increase your performance in managing and implementing HR projects by attending our June WORKSHOP, details at the end of the newsletter.

3. The articles on leadership and personal performance look at performance from an HR, organisation and personal perspective.

I hope you enjoy our look at performance.

Best Wishes



The Performance Barometer - the vital tool for HR professionals
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  • Identifies key elements of organisational behaviour
  • Depicts your current status with an easy to action traffic light indicator
  • Gives you a measure, in percentage terms, of your position
  • Provides valuable insights and information to help you use your time and resources most effectively.
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Should Leaders expect peak performance 24/7?

Cases of executive burnout, rustout, mental health issues and even suicide are on the rise, but remain largely hidden. It’s about time companies become significantly more pro-active in priming leaders for sustainable high performance. If analysts are starting to taking a closer look, shouldn’t the HR director be curious?

In fact, maybe human resources should be called human performance. After all, HR is about supporting people to maximise their productivity, impact and effectiveness. The HR director is a member of a pivotal triangle (CEO/FD/HRD), which ensures that critical business plans are delivered on time, in full. To that end, he/she is increasingly the high performance facilitator, provider and coach as well as everything else.

This is about the crucial preparation of key people who must deliver and who need energy, clarity and a never-ending ability to revive, re-energise and recover, not feel constantly overwhelmed and drained. We take no chances on testing and preparing business hardware and assets because we understand how to engineer them. So why do we avoid the challenge of engineering sustainable high performance in our most important, most exposed people?

I also found an interesting article by Adrian Moorhouse commenting on Rory McIlroy when he lost a four shot lead in the Masters Tournament and came 15th. This  gives a more personal perspective on performance.

He goes on to look at  four core skills that underpin performance:
  • Handling pressure - this is about finding ways of keeping any symptoms of stress under control. As well as relaxation techniques, visualisation, getting enough sleep, exercising  and eating properly developing - your mental toughness is also important. This is identifying and accepting what is within your control and what isn't and directing your energy and effort into what you can control.
  • Self-belief - it is crucial that you believe in your skills and abilities. This enables you to bounce back more easily when things go wrong. Continuing to develop these skills by setting yourself stretching goals and opportunities to practice will  makesure they are fine tuned.
  • Motivation - Extrinsic motivation such as pay and reward is unquestionably a source of motivation for many but internal motivation which gives a sense of inherent satisfaction leads to more enjoyment, less pressure and consequently is easier to remain motivated.
  • Focus - Focus on the positive. Do not dwell on past failures but acknowledge all your successes. Negative thoughts hinder performance. Mentally touch performers have developed the art to focus on past achievements and personal strengths and immediately put any instances of less that excellent performance behind them.

If you would like to read the full article on leaders sustaining performance please click below.

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Managing  HR projects for success - HR Workshop 10th June in London

As a result of the success of our last workshop I am delighted to announce that I will be running another workshop with Forbury People at their offices in Covent Garden on 10th June 2015.

If you need high level project management skills or need to influence others to manage projects effectively this one day course gives you 'The Essence of PRINCE' a very practical and easy to understand project management methodology.

To find out more and to book your place please CLICK HERE


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