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Dear Steve,

I was delighted to read the new discoveries about the brain, be sure to read the article below it will help you "Make 2014 your best year yet !"
Although ' best year'   will mean different things to each of us, this newsletter is aimed at giving you events, articles and techniques to help make that happen.



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London cabbies prove that you can teach an old dog new tricks


In his article 'How lifting the lid on the brain can help you rethink the way you train and motivate staff''  Robert Jeffrey outlines five neuroscience concepts you need to understand.  

For me the best one was:
Our brains never stop growing - It has been a long held view that our brains were fully formed by the time we reached our early twenties and after that we were all on the decline! Not so; apparently the rate of formation of new links between neurons may slow down; but it never switches off. This has huge implications for coaching and development and inspires me to continue to look at different ways of helping people improve whatever their age.

The other concept I liked was: 
The power of thinking without thinking. This is about solving our most difficult problems when we are not trying. Our conscious mind is excellent at analytic and convergent thinking but it is our 'other than conscious' mind that works behind the scenes and gives us those light bulb moments.This,coupled with the fact that plenty of sleep and chocolate is good for you gives me some great fuel to make 2014 my best year yet!


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Paws for Thought before 2014

In our busy lives one of the things that we might  all agree on is that 'Nothing stays the same'; change in our lives now seems inevitable.

In 2014....

What do you think will change for you?

What are your aspirations?

What will you need to do differently ?

How can you be certain that you will  rise to the challenges?

How will you minimize your  stress levels?

In my view it is your values that give you the solid foundation and motivation to be able to deal with and make changes.

When did you last revisit your values?

Which are the ones most important for you?

Take a moment to think about your values in all aspects of your life. Below are some of the areas you might like to explore;

Team working

For a simple technique to help you discover your values  Click Here for my free download.



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