azk weekly digest - 07/04/2015

Hello there,

We had a packed week since our previous newsletter!

Today, we have 3 new blog posts from the Azuki team about what we've been up to.

First, we felt it was time to make a formal announcement of what azk is all about. Also, there's an all new release of azk 0.12.0! Finally, we'd like to present our sponsors as well as to explain why on earth an open source project with private funding needs sponsors at all.

In other news, more funding has been invested on the new orchestration/deployment stack we mentioned last week. This time, it is Docker who is getting a U$96MM funding round.

To conclude, we'd like to invite you all to the Vagrant/Ansible Meetup that is taking place in São Paulo next week. Our own Éverton Ribeiro, Azuki co-founder and original azk creator, will be presenting about azk, alongside Erika Heidi, Developer Advocate for Digital Ocean.

See you next week,
Azuki Team


Azuki Blog

Welcome to azk!

As part of azk's target audience ourselves (software developers), we chose to first bring it to a critical level of features that displayed more of its promise before sharing or writing too much about it, and we also wanted to improve our frequency of new releases.



azk v0.12.0 is in the house

As you know, azk is open source software (Apache 2.0) and, in this release, our main goal is to make it easy to contribute with azk.



And now… a word from our sponsors

When we first started azk, our plan was always to have it as open source software.



Industry News

Docker Raises $95M Series D Round For Its Container Platform

Docker, the company that kicked off the recent enthusiasm for containers two years ago, today announced that it has raised a $95 million Series D round led by Insight Venture Partners.



Upcoming Events


#1st Vagrant and Ansible meetup in São Paulo (in brazilian portuguese)




Dualtec - Cloud Builders Keen.IO - Custom analytics shouldn't be a pain in the backend.
How do I become a sponsor?


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