azk weekly digest - 14/05/2015

Hello there,

In today's newsletter, we'd like to show you this really short video we made that explains how quick and easy it is to run through our "Getting Started" guide step-by-step. It covers setting up a simple Node.js application with Redis (in less than 10 minutes!).

Also, we have significantly improved our documentation regarding how to best start to understand azk's code in order to contribute to the open source project. Check it out in the link below.

All our other support resources remain available as well (github issues, support chat. etc.)

In other news, error reporting toolmaker Raygun benchmarks Node.js against Io.js v2.0.0 release candidate and reports the results on their blog. Io.js is a community fork of Node.js and, for this release, promised a supported version of the V8 engine among other features.

That's it for today, folks! Thanks for stopping by.

Happy coding,
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Azuki Blog

azkdemo — Getting started with azk

We made a short 10min video explaining what azk is, and also to show our "Getting Started" guide step-by-step that covers setting up a simple Node.js application with Redis.



Updated Contributing Guide for azk

We just updated our Contributing Guide to make it easier for other people to contribute with the project. We always welcome any and all contributions, and this guide should help others learn more about how azk works, and how to open issues, Pull Requests, etc...



Industry News

Performance Showdown: Node.js vs. io.js v2.0.0

In about 10 minutes flat, (we’ve tested on a few devs internally and externally), you’ll be up and running with a localhost Node.JS server running the live Evernote JavaScript SDK straight from Github.




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