azk weekly digest - 17/06/2015

Hello everyone,

We'd like to start by apologizing for the long break since our last newsletter almost three weeks ago!

On the other hand, we feel that time was well spent. As you can see on the links below, we kept ourselves busy stepping up our game with azk.

We're launching azk v0.14.0. It's our biggest release ever!

This is about making azk robust! Lots of massive improvements. Check our blog posts below for the details.

Also, we were at the 5th Docker Meetup São Paulo, held last week at Totvs (the largest software company in Latin America).

More than 120 developers attended! If you weren't there, don't worry. We got the videos of the presentations. Don't miss the first one below, about azk. It's only available in Portuguese for now, but a new version with English subtitles will soon be available as well.

In other news, Docker releases Kitematic (alpha) for Windows.

That's it for today. See you all soon!
Azuki Team


Azuki News

azk v0.14.0: the journey is the reward!

In order to fulfiil its potential as an open source utility with universal appeal, azk must be robust and reliable, always available… as the sun or the air. Thus azk will never be finished, no matter how advanced it gets.



azk CLI: how we made azk's command center better

Since the CLI is azk's only user interface (as of yet…), it must be really fast and easy to use. Also, it makes things happier if it can be fully Unix-like.



Video Presentation:
"azk, an alternative to Docker Compose"

(In Portuguese - version with subtitles will soon follow) Éverton Riberio, azk's creator, makes a quick presentation that demonstrates the power and ease-of-use of azk compared to that of Docker Compose.



Industry News

Docker: Kitematic for Windows (alpha) Now Available!

Kitematic for Windows provides the same great user experience and capabilities as Kitematic for Mac but with support for the Windows features you love, like PowerShell.




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