azk weekly digest - 27/05/2015

Hello there,

Here we are again with a new azk version (0.13.0) and a bag of stuff to tell about it!

First, this new release is all about speeeeeeed!!!

We had this issue that made projects with too many files (e.g., assets) run a bit slowly in environments set by azk.

But that's history now! Ruby on Rails developers, that's for you. ;)

Check our blog posts below to see what exactly that was about and how we tackled it. It's neat!

To prove our point, we did this little benchmark with Feedbin. Explosive results.

And don't miss the tutorial we prepared to help you check it by yourself by running Feedbin on your own machine with azk.


azk is quickly appoaching its 1.0 release (yay!) and we would like to hear more from you about our little project.

If you could spare a few minutes to take the survey linked below, it would mean a lot to us (and to all the users that will benefit from you feedback!).

It's all about karma! :)


In other news, OSS development framework Meteor announces a new investment round of US$ 20 million with the participation of Andreessen Horowitz and plans to generate revenues.

Guess what? Yeah, it involves containers. ;)

Happy coding,
Azuki Team


Azuki News

Introducing azk v0.13.0

Performance matters. Period. Here at Azuki we live and die by that rule. So, yes, performance is azk v0.13.0 last name.



Inside the machine: how we improved azk's performance using Rsync

Starting with azk v0.13.0, instead of trying to inject files via file sharing, we now clone each file in real time using Rsync, a powerful and simple tool capable to sync files from one folder to another.



azk + Feedbin — Running a Ruby, Postgres, Redis, Memcached and ElasticSearch project (in minutes!)

Here’s a GIF comparison of how Feedbin used to performed when set using azk version 0.12.1, and then using version 0.13.0. It's a 500% performance improvement.


azk survey

As we approach azk 1.0, we'd like to hear more from you about our little project.

Industry News

Meteor announces new US$20 million funding round

We'll use the funds to continue to grow our engineering team (we’re hiring!) and to begin building world class business functions at Meteor, from marketing to sales to support.




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