azk weekly digest - 30/04/2015

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Today, we have 2 new blog posts from the Azuki team about what we've been up to. They cover using azk to get started with Evernote's API and their JavaScript SDK, and also how we are tracking GitHub Events with Keen IO.

We also released azk 0.12.1, fixing some bugs (like an issue with azk agent stop) that were happening in our 0.12.0 release. You can check the changelog here.

In other news, another open-source tool, npmjs, just raised U$8MM. This is super exciting news for the developer community and open-source ecosystem!

That's it for this week,
Azuki Team


Azuki Blog

Getting started with Evernote's API, Node.js, and azk in 10min

In this tutorial, we'll cover getting started with Evernote's JavaScript SDK using a sample Node.js / Express app and azk.



Track GitHub Events with Keen IO in 3 Steps

At Azuki, for azk's 0.12.0 release, we were looking for a way to get some metrics around azk's usage, as well as our GitHub repositories. This post covers how we did this using Keen IO in 3 easy steps.



Industry News

Popular JavaScript Package Manager Npm Raises $8M, Launches Private Modules

Most JavaScript developers are familiar with the npm package manager, which was originally developed by Isaac Schlueter. What many probably don’t know is that npm is also a company co-founded by Schlueter to support the project. Today, npm announced that it has raised $8 million on top of the $2.6 million seed round led by True Ventures the company announced last February.




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