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I wanted to personally say welcome!  And thank you for allowing me into your crowded inbox. 

So....first things first!

Who's that girl?

I'm Danielle Anderson...a business coach, strategy consultant, people connector and the woman behind Step & Stone. 

I have insatiable wanderlust (75 countries and counting!); love the challenge and adventure of new places, people and experiences; and dream one day of owning a slice of land on the Kenyan coast.

I started Step & Stone in 2013 after throwing in the towel on my lucrative decade-long career in financial services.  It's a career I'm super grateful for, because it gave me so much knowledge and expertise in business matters. 


But it was time for a change. 

For freedom.  For creativity.  For work that makes me feel alive!

For nearly a decade now, I've been supporting business owners around the globe to make a living by doing work they love, without compromising on their values. 

My reason for getting up every morning is to help you THRIVE!! I want you to reach success, no matter how you define it. And I want you to create a business which fulfills you, motivates you to do what you love and supports your lifestyle!

If it sounds like you're in the right place, then read on!  If not, I promise there are no hard feelings if you decide to unsubscribe!

My philosophy

Still here with me?  :)

I want to share a little bit about what I believe and what you can expect from me.

These are the core principles by which I live my life and run my business.


1. Be real

I’m never going to be one to sugar coat things.  I’m quite blunt…though I certainly try to be polite!

Starting a business is tough.  Keeping one going is, arguably, even harder!

I will always be transparent, honest and vulnerable with you about the highs and lows of entrepreneurship.  It is only in being honest with ourselves and with others that true learning and growth can take place.

2. Don’t postpone your dreams

It can be easy to forget the fragility and impermanence of life when we’re so caught up in the day to day living of it.

But the truth is, life is super SHORT!

And we won’t really ever have time to do ALL the things that we want to do.

So I choose to pursue my dreams, on my terms, and with passion!

3. Live & work by your values

As business owners, we do not need to compromise on our values in order to build thriving businesses.

We can say ‘no’ to people and to opportunities that are incongruent with our beliefs.

If something feels “off”, we can trust our instincts and stand true to our principles.  We can run business on our own terms and attract clients who are aligned with what we stand for.

4. Be free

Freedom is SUPER important to me.  Freedom to make decisions.  To change my mind.  To do something different.

I want to live life on my terms and run a business which enables me to do this.

My business needs to be able to support the lifestyle that I desire for myself, a lifestyle which includes ambition, financial security, adventure, and variety.  If I come to the point where that’s no longer happening, I know it’s time to revisit my strategy!

5. Own your story

I’ve seen A LOT and experienced a lot in my 40+ years on this planet.  All of us have.  And the beautiful thing is that we each have a completely different view on the world around us and on the moments that we’ve been through.

Each one of us has a unique story to share with the world.  Don’t shy away from yours!

Embrace where you’ve come from, where you are now, and where you are heading.  You never know who you might help just by sharing your story.

6. Trust the process

I’m not gonna lie.  Some moments in business (and in life) are realllllly f**king hard!  There will be times when it feels like the universe is conspiring against you and your dreams.

In these moments, you’ll feel like giving up is the best choice.

It usually isn’t.

Things just often take a lot longer than we anticipate.  We meet challenges along the way.  Sometimes we have to rethink the way that we do things.

Trust the process, as frustrating as it may seem.  In my experience, it all works out in the end.  And if it hasn’t worked out yet, then it’s not the end!

7. Love life

Tomorrow is never guaranteed.

I try to embrace each day for what it brings to me, shows me and teaches me.  I try to find joy in each moment, even the tough ones.

Be courageous and walk away from situations and relationships which no longer serve you.

Instead, surround yourself with people who fill your soul.  People who love you, understand you, encourage you, shape you, support you.

But most of all, love yourself!

What to expect...

You'll hear from a few times over the next few days while we get to know each other.  After that, you'll get:
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  • Any free resources I create
  • Invitations to workshops and classes

And sometimes, since I'm a business owner just like you, I'll send information on services that I sell.  But I promise...I'll never spam you!

Ok, that's probably enough from me for now! :)

But what about you??  Hit reply on this email and tell me what you're struggling with right now in business.  What do you feel is holding you back?

I want to know, so that I can serve you better.  I read and respond to every reply.

With best wishes,
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