Presentation to Parliament:
Parliament Steps
1.00pm Wednesday 9th April 2014
“Wise Response” Appeal for a NZ Risk Assessment
~ As demand for growth exceeds earth’s physical limits causing unprecedented risks,
what knowledge and changes do we need to secure New Zealand’s future wellbeing? ~ 
Dear Appeal Supporter
You are receiving this Newsletter as a signatory to the Wise Response Appeal. Here you will find out when this Risk Appeal petition will be submitted to Parliament and what you might do to help.
  1. Submission of Petition to Parliament
The Speaker of the House has agreed to Wednesday April 9, 2014 at 1.00pm for the presentation of our Appeal.  While our Appeal is non-partisan, the rules of Parliament require us to present it through one MP.  We have accepted the offer of Moana Mackey, Labour’s Environment, Science and Climate Change Spokesperson, to submit in her name. We can also, however, present it beforehand on the steps of Parliament to the poliitcal parties that support us.  The submission will consist of:
  1. The primary Appeal document with the list of 100 prominent New Zealanders who were part of the launch of the Appeal
  2. The printed list of political parties and other organisations who have confirmed their support of the Appeal, including where possible the numbers of members or employees they represent.
  3. A list of the names of all individuals who have signed in support of the Appeal. 
  4. A covering letter from Wiseresponse giving a brief background of the group, the process we are following, and further explaining what we ask for.
The largest possible crowd in support will of course make the biggest impact on both the MPs and the media!

  1. Wording of the Petition
The full Appeal is on the website, but the formal request for unified action from Parliament reads as follows:
To the House of Representatives: We the undersigned, request that the House: (1) urge Government to undertake a National Risk Assessment of: Economic Security, Energy and Climate Security, Ecological/Environmental Security, Business Continuity and Genuine Well-being, and:
(2) that from that Risk Assessment, develop and implement cross-party policies to avert any confirmed threats to future generations of New Zealanders.
  1. Programme for Presentation of Appeal to Parliament in Wellington 9 April 2014

    Check for updates the day before!

    1.00pm    Welcome: Steps of Parliament, adjacent Seddon statue.
    1.05pm    Outline of the Appeal and short supporting statements: Sir Alan Mark, prominent NZ supporters and organisations.
    1.15pm    Theatrical event led by Generation Zero supporting the call to confront symptoms of risk.
    1.30pm    Handing over the Appeal and petition to the MPs: Sir Alan Mark, NZ youth, prominent NZ supporters and organisations.
    1.35pm    Responses of supporting political parties. Labour, Green, NZ First and any other Party represented
    1.45pm    Finish, followed by media interviews of prominent Appeal supporters.   
    2.30 -  3.30pm    Meeting of Appeal supporters to debrief and plan implementation of the Risk Assessment (location near Parliament to be confirmed).
  1. Publicity for the Presentation
In the next few days, we will make a general press release to all media outlets outlining the event and programme.  The more the public are informed and aware, the more difficult it will be to refuse our reasonable and extremely urgent request.
  1. Support for the Appeal to date
The quality and inclusive nature of the Appeal and the calibre of many of the supporters provide, we believe, the real strength of this initiative. Thus far we have the formal support of Labour, Green, and NZ First, and are in the process of confirming others. All political parties will be invited to attend.  In addition to the 100 celebrated New Zealanders, we have the formal support of 18 organisations (listed at the end of this letter) and about 3,500 individual signatories at this time. An Avaaz petition below is aimed at securing many more before the presentation and your assistance with this would be much appreciated.

  1. Avaaz internet petition
Some time ago, we tested the waters with a local Avaaz petition. We decided to restructure and circulate it to all existing supporters with the aim of securing at least 10,000 additional signatures by the end of March. 
You will soon receive an email inviting signatures on the Avaaz website and providing the link. We will be grateful if you would
  1. sign this yourself and 
  2. send it on to at least 3 persons who you think may wish to also support it.
Do not be concerned if you have already signed in support of the Appeal at the Wise Response website or some other forum, as before we submit the Appeal, we will rationalise signatories and remove any duplicates.  A high hit rate on Avaaz always encourages others and may attract Avaaz International’s attention for wider circulation
We will also approach all the supporting organisations with a similar request either directly or via Facebook.  
  1. Summary of what you can do to help
    1. Come and support the presentation on April 9 and take part in the post-event meeting to refine plans for securing the Risk Assessment. For logistical reasons, please let us know you are coming.
    2. Send in good ideas for improving the impact of the programme and making more people aware of the Appeal. You may know influential people to whom we could send a personal invitation.
    3. Sign and then send on the Avaaz email for maximum support. Remember that the Risk Assessment is non-partisan. We merely seek more information to help secure our collective futures.
    4. Check the organisations already supporting the Appeal (below) and let us know of any other likely candidates (including businesses or business leaders) who we might approach.  If you are affiliated with them, you may have more sway by initially approaching them directly yourself.
    5. As our current account balance is $1,015.24, we will probably need additional funds to both publicise and stage the presentation in Wellington and help get key notables there.  If you would like to donate, send cheques to “National Risk Appeal,” c/o Alan Mark, 205 Wakari Rd, Helensburgh, Dunedin, 9010 or arrange a bank transfer to the “National Risk Appeal”Account: 38-9014-0100230-00. Any amount will help and is much appreciated.
If further important developments occur prior to the 9th April, we will let you know.  If you do not wish to receive such notices, please advise us. Thank you again for your support for the Appeal. We expect it will prove of crucial importance in the development of a more secure future for New Zealand. 
With our best wishes,
Alan Mark

for the Wiseresponse Team

List of organisations who are already formally supporting the Appeal:
The Sustainable Energy Forum, Aotearoa
Environmental Defence Society
Sustainable Dunedin City
Coal Action Network Aotearoa
Sustainable Living Education Trust
Salvation Army Social Policy and Parliamentary Unit
Forest and Bird, Dunedin, North Canterbury, Hauraki Gulf Islands, West Coast & Mid-North Branch Branches
Religous Society of Friends (Quakers), NZ
Ora Taiao New Zealand
Union climate action
Anew NZ
Generation Zero
Engineers for Social Responsibility

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