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Greetings to all hope you had a great festive season. It gives me immense pleasure and happiness while I present you the quarterly e-newsletter of Apne Aap Women's Collective! I keep updating you with such quarterly newsletter since we’ll glad to be in touch with such amazing and supportive donors like you. Here I would request you to kindly have a look at some of our proud and precious moments from July to September below!

I am pleased to let you know that the Q3 had been very inspiring for us, as we had received couple of awards and accolades for our work. Such recognition motivates us to strive more and boosts our energy to achieve our targets demographics.

I strongly believe in nurturing effective communication and transparency between the organization and stakeholders, as it is essential to our work and therefore we are very pleased to be recognized for our transparency.

Guidestar India Gold Award:  AAWC was awarded the GuidestarIndia Gold Award (Advanced Level) for its transparency and accountability in the public domain. AAWC was amongst 51 other national level finalists in Advanced Level recognition for Guidestar India Gold Awards. The Award aims to encourage and recognize organizations that practice and voluntarily demonstrate their transparency and accountability in the public domain.

Project Inspire: AAWC was selected as the semi-finalist for the Project Inspire- 5 minutes to Change the World" a joint initiative from the Singapore Committee for UN Women and MasterCard, to help young
change makers to create a better world for Women and Girls in Asia Pacific.
AAWC CEO Ms. Manju Vyas addressing the               Receiving of the GuidestarIndia Gold
The situation of Children in "Kamathipura                (Advanced level) Award.
Red Light area" during her recent speaking
tour to Japan.
Moreover to the above achievements, I have been invited by Ms. Mikiko Okubo, Japan in July 2016 to address various issues related to Human Trafficking for Commercial Sexual Exploitation, the situation of the Marginalized Women & Children in Mumbai Red Light Area and other related topics across Japan. I got the chance to share my experience with a different set of professionals at Fukushima University, Amakusa Civil Hall, and many others to name.
General Medical Camp at Kamathipura Center     Clowns without border show for all children 

Warm Regards,
Manju Vyas
Chief Executive Officer

Education- Academics and new school:
The girls who were assisted in taking admission in the new English medium school this quarter are adjusting to the new school environment and education system. They are now adapting to it and trying to meet the expectations of their school and tuition teachers. It is overall a new and challenging experience for them; however, we are sure that they will soon get accustomed to it and it will lead them to a brighter future. All the teachers,staff and volunteers are focusing on providing the girls with the maximum support that each one can give to help them cope and do better in academics. In-house assessments, follow-ups in the schools and sessions on English speaking were regularly conducted for their development.

Workshops & Sessions:
Volunteers from Columbia University conducted a workshop 
on script writing, where the girls were taught the concepts of dialogue writing and stage direction. They were also encouraged to write skits and enact it. In the Spoken English class, new vocabulary was introduced to the girls and new topics such as different types of meals, personality traits and wild animals were taught through games and innovative techniques. The volunteers also started working on the girls’ basic grammar education. The girls have now learnt to use the MS Office application thoroughly after undergoing a few months’ training taken by volunteers.

Recreational Excursions:
Like every year, the girls were taken on a visit to Funky Monkey. They had a fun morning at the play zone. They also had a lot of fun in the Annual Udaan Felicitation Program. They performed dance and drama, and the AAWC band performed on different songs. The girls were encouraged to do well in the coming academic year by giving them awards in different categories. Our founder trustee Sudarshan Sir and our volunteer Mr. Kalyan felicitated the program with awards like Most Creative Thinker, Best Team Leader, Most Cohesive Mentor-Mentee Pair, Most Enthusiastic Learner, and Most Regular Tuition Group. The skits and dances put up by the girls were appreciated by all. A prize money of Rs. 500/- was given to the girls who had completed their 10th and 12th standard.
Udaan girls show their music skills in the                Arts and crafts sessions at the Centre. 
felicitation Awards at Centre 
Extra-Curricular Activities:
In this quarter along with the regular guitar classes, the older girl’s group has also started learning Casio and piano, which were donated by a volunteer. 
Currently, they are enjoying learning the new instrument. Yoga sessions have been introduced for the girls on Sundays to make their holiday stress-free and interesting. They have learned warm-up exercises, simple Asanas, and fun games, and are enjoying this new activity. The Udaan girls had a rakhi making competition and every group made beautiful rakhis using woolen thread and foam paper. The best group was given gifts to appreciate them. The girls also had a discussion on why these festivals are celebrated every year at such a grand level in our nation. In the theatre class, the girls were trained to think about different concepts for their plays. This has not only developed their creative skills but also made them more confident to present in front of others, express themselves, improve their body language, work in a group, share with others and be more creative. Our volunteer Mr. Kalyan gave the girls topics like the scene at a hotel, at the bank, etc. The girls had to make a small skit around the topics and present them in front of all. He also conducted games that were aimed at making them lose their inhibitions, becoming more confident and getting comfortable with themselves. In the art classes, the girls had their art sessions on mirror images, portrait sketching, and coloring; one of our volunteers Antoinette from the US asked the girls to prepare postcards which will be used in her calendar. A Warli painting session was also conducted for the girls.

The in-house counselor conducted various sessions with the girls in the group counseling sessions on emotions and expressions which included focusing on their tone, pitch, body language, facial expression and saying ‘NO’. Some sessions were also organized
to sensitize girls about environmental issues like deforestation, wastage of water and food, pollution; and social issues like child marriage, child labour, the importance of education, human trafficking etc. Topics like personal hygiene, cleanliness, and self-discipline were also covered along with working on some girl’s behavioral issues. Individual sessions with few girls were conducted on reading, writing, social skills, motor skills and anxiety. Animal-assisted therapy (Dog Therapy) sessions included talking, feeding and grooming the dog, identifying pictures and alphabets, etc. The sessions also included activities like clay molding activity, storytelling, sharing secrets with the dog, etc. These sessions intended to develop the girls’ social skills, make them more patient and improve their concentration. It also helps in working on their discipline, basic etiquettes, body language and other behavioral issues like lying, stealing, etc.
Awareness Meetings-
The Awareness Meetings with the beneficiaries were on the topic of tuberculosis as it was observed during outreach that the disease is spreading widely in the area. General information regarding the disease was provided: what can be done, what are the steps of treatment, why is it necessary to take it seriously, etc. Women also came forward and discussed whatever information they had and the importance of medication that needs to be followed during treatment. They also had several questions, which were addressed accordingly. Another meeting was also conducted on the Government’s recent decision to start ART on the CD4 count of 500. Women were getting into depression because of it. The main objective was to try to make them understand and how they can benefit from it.

Area Activity:
AAWC Outreach Workers conducted regular area activities on-field and inside the brothels to address crucial topics amongst small groups of women. The activity was conducted to encourage the women to be confident when talking with different stakeholders of the community. Topics covered in the area included TB, skin infections, some easy yoga steps which can be followed, addiction and importance of post-natal care. A session was conducted for women on maintaining hygiene and cleanliness; another session was conducted on the importance of savings.
Regular Monthly meeting of Umeed beneficiaries.    Child's Future Planning session in progress 
Child’s Future planning session:
Under the Child’s Future Planning Session, a discussion was conducted with women about the necessity to create a healthy bond between them and their child. Awareness was also spread on sexual, physical and mental abuse and how it effects in the behavior of the child

Vocational training:
We have initiated our third batch of beautician training program from the month of September 2016. We have enrolled 12 women in the new batch and the general training has been started with an objective to provide them with an alternate livelihood.

Other on Field Activities-
In our adult literacy program, we have found that the response has been good. 2 women were declared pass out last month. Women came forward to demonstrate their progress; some women can now count till 100. They are learning days of the week and their names. It was observed that they are maintaining their books well. The Hepatitis B and C Camp was organized in this quarter along with United Way Mumbai; 24 TB+ and HIV+ women were identified through outreach and accordingly sent for further check-ups. 12 women’s medical check-ups were done on internal, VDRL and HIV+ with continuous networking at Gourabai Hospital.

Independence Day and Raksha Bandhan were celebrated, where the session started with the national anthem, women tied rakhi to our CEO Manju Vyas, and had a general discussion with them on why we celebrate such festivals.
Kids were introduced to alphabets and numbers through flashcards. The older children have started writing alphabets and younger kids started writing standing, slanting and sleeping line on slates. They are shown videos of 
different colors names of fruits, parts of the body and shapes. Our volunteer Ms. Marina Dutta also conducted educational sessions with the children where they were taught to use a stethoscope to hear heartbeats, matching animals and human beings skeletons with flashcards, sorting with delight which included matching covers of bottles with different shape and size, putting beads onto a thread, solving puzzles, making story sequence with pictures, introducing gothic architectural designs, spoken English, and travel around the world where children are introduced to different historical monuments, sculptures of India, different landmarks of the city of Mumbai, map of India and Asia using flash cards. The Udaan girls conducted a session by asking Umang children to identify numbers on flowers made by the girls.

Recreational Excursions:
In this quarter the Umang Children were taken to visit Hanging Garden and Funky Monkey where they explored the different types of equipment installed there. The children had great fun visiting these places. During the Ganpati festival, they were taken to visit various Ganpati Pandals in the vicinity.

Umang children celebrated the Independence day     Umang children showing Rakhis on the
                                                                                Raksha Bandhan festival.
Art & Craft activity:
The arts and craft activities in this quarter included sessions on making butterfly with leaves, fur of a lion with colouring chart papers and leaves, making tree with green marble papers, butterfly, flowers, alphabets, clock, tearing papers, making spider dipping fingers onto different colours, making different things like clock, flowers, butterfly, alphabets, standing, sleeping, slanting lines, making clouds by sticking cotton etc. The children also made rakhis. The objective behind these activities was to help improve following instruction, hand-eye coordination, memory development,
fine motor skills, and concentration.

Animal-assisted Therapy Session: We began animal-assisted therapy sessions for the Umang children at our Falkland Road Center this quarter. The children at both centers learned about discipline, following instructions, sharing, social skills, counting, and English words.

Counselling Sessions: AAWC’s in-house counselor conducted extensive individual and group counseling sessions with the Umang children focusing on behavior modification, impulse control, empathy, discipline, patience, and manners. She also introduced imaginative and creative thinking to the children. The concentration, attention and listening skills of the children were also addressed and strengthened during the counseling sessions.

In this quarter, the Umang children celebrated the festivals of Raksha Bandhan and Gopal Kala, wherein the Balwadi teachers made Rakhis using foam paper, with smiley faces on them. The kids tied Rakhi to each other. A group activity was conducted where the kids dipped a 
ball in colors and threw it on a chart paper. The Gopal Kala was celebrated in common with Udaan girls. All the Umang and Udaan beneficiaries formed a circle and broke the Dahi handi at the center. While celebrating Independence Day, children were introduced to the tricolor, which was put on their palms and they pasted it on a chart paper to make faces.
Umeed Beneficiary:
“I thought I would never be able to read and write but I can't believe that I can sign my name now... I use a pen and not my thumb!"

Sacha Rose, Volunteer - “The most important thing that I learnt during my volunteering period was the severe mistreatment and harsh conditions that these women go through. It has been an eye opening experience and given me the empathy that most of society lacks in our world today. I commend the passion of the entire AAWC team.”
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