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After AAWC helped Umeed beneficiary Usha* in opening a savings bank account, she regularly began to deposit a certain amount in it and after sometime was financially capable to visit her family in her village after a long time. Moreover, with help of AAWC outreach workers, she now knows how to handle daily bank transactions and hopes to save enough money to quit the sex trade one day. 

Financial literacy is important for women in the red light district where they are often cheated of their income. We are glad to have helped beneficiaries such as Usha* to understand more about financial management.

*name changed to protect identity
Dental Camp was organzied for all beneficiaries      Udaan girls enthusiastically participated in                                                                                   Sports Day races 
Marathon: AAWC participated in the 13th edition of Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon and were privileged to be represented by corporate partner Raheja Universal as well as runners Avanish Kumar, Aria Parikh, Pallavi Khurana, Dharmaraj Solanki, Adarsh Rai and Rajesh Gaikwad.

Accolades: AAWC was awarded the GuideStar India - NGO Transparency Award 2016 for voluntarily sharing the organization's financial and legal information on public domain.

Presentation: AAWC team presented about the issue of sex trafficking and our organization’s work in the red light district during the visit by Stanford University delegation.

Capacity Building: AAWC staff attended workshops on topics such as POCSO Act and effective fundraising tools.

Kite Flying Day celebrations with beneficaries         Runner Avanish Kumar supported AAWC at                                                                                   SCMM 2016
Medical Camp: All beneficiaries benefited from the dental and general medical camp organized in association with Angels Dentist Network during the quarter. Complete follow-up of the required patients were done to ensure effective treatment.

Festival Celebrations: Republic Day, Kite Flying and Holi festivals were celebrated with all beneficiaries during the quarter.

Warm Regards,
Manju Vyas
Chief Executive Officer

Education: After rigorously preparing throughout the year, girls in 10th and 12th grade gave their Board Examinations and are looking forward to their results in the upcoming months.

Career Guidance: Udaan girls attended an interesting career guidance session organized by textile designer and chefs on opportunities in the designing and culinary fields. They were also introduced to social media marketing during the session.

Extra-Curricular Activities: Udaan girls participated in creative writing workshops, computer sessions and spoken-English classes conducted by dedicated volunteers. Also, along with guitar, the girls learnt keyboard and vocals during their music class.

Sketching flowers during advanced-level art           Visit to the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival         classes
Recreational Excursions: During their visit to the Kala Ghoda Arts Festivals, the girls were intrigued by the various art installations on display and made sure to ask several questions to the artists present.

They also partook in the annual AAWC Sports Day event where they competed with their friends in various races. Lastly, the girls went to the beach and Marine Drive promenade where they tried their hands on sketching live scenery.

Mentoring: Udaan girls enjoyed Mentor Me India’s Annual Day where they spent quality time with their mentors and also made new friends. The older Udaan girls also conducted engaging learning sessions for the Umang toddlers on various topics.

Counselling: Sessions on improving self-esteem,  expressing oneself, academic stress and phonetics were conducted by AAWC's in-house counselor during the quarter. The girls also benefited from weekly dog therapy sessions.

Vocational Training: Five Umeed women commenced their advanced training program at hairstylist Sapna Bhavnani’s mad-o-wot salon and two of them even interned there. They have been continuously improvising their skills by learning from various field experts.

Monthly Meetings: With frequent raids and clashes with mainstream community members, the monthly meeting focused on addressing the legal rights of women and also informed them about laws dealing with prostitution in India. Other topics that were addressed during the meetings included nutrition, health and hygiene along with various festival celebrations.
Monthly meeting on reducing HIV stigma               Addressing their medical concerns during the                                                                              general medical camp
Child’s Future Planning Session: Child’s Future Planning sessions this quarter focused on addressing the expectations of mothers from their children. They were also advised on steps that can be taken to create strong and healthy relationships with their children. 

Awareness: AAWC staff along with the E-Ward team conducted a street play on spreading awareness about TB. Area activities were also conducted to raise awareness and inform women about topics such as school admissions, legal documentation, health and hygiene.

Educational Activities: Along with daily kindergarten sessions, Umang children also attended sessions by volunteer Marina Dutta wherein they learnt about Gothic architecture, anatomy, yoga, sorting, etiquette, musical instruments and yoga. They also learnt about counting, color identification and puppet making session which was conducted by Udaan girls.

Art and Craft Activities: The children engaged in vegetable printing activity, paper folding activity, and clay molding activity in order to develop their motor skills. 

Recreational Excursions: Along with garden visits, the children visited the vegetable market to identify various vegetables which they learnt about in class. They also participated in the Sports Day where they had a great time participating in various races.

Counseling sessions with the children                    Children learn counting during class                                                
Counselling: Counselling sessions this quarter focused on behavior modification through impulse control, rewarding good behavior, conducting moral story-telling sessions to inculcate patience, discipline and reducing hitting amongst each other. Children also attended dog therapy sessions where they had narrative sessions to inculcate social and behavioral modification.
Umeed Beneficiary- ““Earlier, I did not know how to write even a single word. However, after enrolling into AAWC’s Adult Literacy Program, I’ve learnt to read and recently even wrote my name!"

B'jorn Eklund, Volunteer : “It is so much fun and rewarding to do activities and spend time with the kids at AAWC. I realize how much potential they have and what an important and fantastic job the staff at AAWC is doing”

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