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  • 6/6-8/29: attend KulturfestNYC, the 3-month eclectic international festival of Jewish performing arts that attracted over 50K attendees in one week last year
  • 6/8: nosh on smoked, salted, and cured snacks and listen to a panel of Jewish food luminaries at Smoke & Salt
  • 11/13: try NoshFest, the city's inaugural Jewish food festival
Eat Out
  • Chef C.J. Jacobson, who was a professional volleyball player in Israel, is opening Ēma (the Hebrew word for "mother") on Illinois Street in River North
  • Join The Wandering Chew for immersive Jewish food events, from pop-up dinners to bagel-themed walking tours
Eat In
When you're hungry this week, whip up recipes inspired by the Toronto Jewish Film Festival or a Middle Eastern meze-style spread and sunchoke hummus paired with yogurt-marinated chicken shawarma. Soom Tahini will come in handy. Bake blintzes for Shavuot. Pour yourself a taste of Sukkah Hill Spirits' Etrog liqueur. Oh, and shrimp is now vegan.
Read, Watch, Listen
We're reading a mother-daughter Lower East Side Yiddish pregnancy tale, this interview with Maayan Zilberman about her sweet success as the founder of candy-company-meets-art-project Sweet Saba, the most recent print edition of Tablet Magazine (here's the editor's letter), Gates' and Zuck's favorite Israeli book, an expose on the secret symbol Neo-Nazis use to target Jews online, and The Secret Jewish History of Muhammad Ali. Also, Jewish deli desserts decoded.

If you'd rather stare at a screen, watch this film about the Jewish community of Sefwi Wiawso in Ghana, Hulu's "The Path," or the documentary about an Israeli hair salon that brings Jews and Arabs together.

For your ears, Co-Op Radio's streaming station of Jewish music of all kinds, Bob Dylan's pro-Israel song, the Jewish Justin Bieber of Germany, and podcasts about the Catskills of the Midwest and the Moroccan-Jewish NYC-based restaurateur Gabe Stulman.
Give or Get
Photo Cred: Amber Gress

Abigail Besdin, a born-and-raised New Yorker and startup veteran who's now the VP of Content and Supply Growth at Skillshare, strolled around SoHo with us on a drizzly day and made us laugh about her journey from an awkward purple crushed velvet bat mitzvah suit to being completely comfortable in her own skin.

What is your earliest memory?
When you were in nursery school and it was your birthday, your parents would come and you would sing. This is me in a nutshell... You would get dressed up and you would stand on a chair. The tables were really low, and the chairs were even lower, so this wasn't any height of any kind. I stood on the chair and I was so nervous I fell face first into a strawberry birthday cake, which I didn't like anyway. 
I guess that's also your most embarrassing moment.
Nope. Not even close.

Biggest insecurity or fear?
I would pay someone $150/hour to have me answer this question on a couch. This is the first time in my life where I feel like I'm making decisions that have lifelong impact. That's scary. Where to live, where to send Zeke to school, what to tell him about the world, what happens next in my career, in my husband's career, how near or far are we living from our families. Everything. I feel consumed by decisions that are exciting but that are very long-term impact.

How does being Jewish play into your life now, if at all?
I don't feel every single day like I'm doing something that reminds me, but it's certainly a part of my identity. It's everything about how I grew up and where my family came from and why and how they are the way that they are. It's the next holiday or it's knowing what time sundown is on any given day because the Jewish calendar starts at night, which is a weird thing for people to realize you know. Now that Zeke exists, it's like what do I do about that? It would be heartbreaking to me if he didn't feel as connected as I do, but if I'm not as connected as I was, how do I accomplish that?

Best Jewish food?
I mean, can we take credit for the pizza bagel? The pizza bagel.

We'll be publishing the complete interview with Abigail online in the upcoming months. Stay tuned! In the meantime,  follow her on Twitter and Instagram
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