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Everyone has an opinion on medicines and vaccinations now. It is worth reminding ourselves of the process to create a medicine: scientists theorize and then set about trying to prove these theories in the laboratory and then the field in order to create a medicine. Along the way, outside influences must be minimized, to keep the science pure and conclusions correct. In 2021 we have seen politics attempt to influence science to reduce our access to Veterinary Medicines.
 In short, The European Medicines Agency conducted a scientific review and created a categorization of Critically Important Antimicrobials, in order that in the future, we would have medicines for our families and medicines to protect animal welfare, both in pets and food animals. Our executives and volunteers in FECAVA and FVE diligently checked the new EU Veterinary Medicine Regulations and Delegated Acts, winning some arguments and losing others, yet remaining true to our core values as veterinarians, to follow the science and to protect animal welfare. This summer, other parties brought politics into the scientific arena to further their cause: this resulted in the biggest mobilization of our profession in FECAVA and FVE history, to ensure the science won and our politicians continue to respect the science and our European institutions that produced it.
So, as we approach the December holidays, spare a thought for our human counterparts as they share the science to steadfastly try and help governments contain and reduce COVID cases. Play your part as scientists and back them at every opportunity, regardless of how the restrictions may inflict on our freedom. Our own experience in 2021 shows how precious trust in our scientists can be.
Danny Holmes
FECAVA Vice President
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FECAVA Recommendations for Appropriate Antimicrobial Therapy
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On 23 November 2021, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) published its eleventh report on the European Surveillance of Veterinary Antimicrobial Consumption (ESVAC). The report presents data on the sales of veterinary antimicrobial agents from European countries in 2019 and 2020.
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Microaggressions are negative comments or actions directed at a marginalized group of people. Microaggressions are not loud, angry outbursts; rather, they are small things that often go unnoticed by everyone except those who are affected.
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Recently, a growing number of major British consumer brands have begun to use flat-faced animals in their marketing and advertising. They indirectly contribute to the over-popularization of these animals and, as a result, the extreme demand for flat-faced breeds.
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Throughout the pandemic, vet practices across Europe have been amending and reviewing the way they work to ensure staff and pet owners remain safe, and practices can remain open to be there to look after your pet when you need us. The number of pet cats and dogs has increased during the pandemic, meaning your vet is even busier than before.

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