The internet is a big place, and keeping up on the latest trends and tools out there is hard work. So we’ve decided to surf the internet so you don’t have to.
Issue #07

We’re baaaaaaaaaaaaack.

Sorry for letting the pot go stale. It won’t happen again. We’ve brewed up a fresh pot that smells and tastes oh so good. Hope y’all agree. bottom’s up.

— Y.B. & M.K.

Inspiration of the week.

These dudes make simple beautiful. We counted 40 words and about 4 colors – ON THE WHOLE SITE. Throw in some snazzy parallax and a great video and voila – our fresh pot of the week.

Let’s face it, we do suck sometimes. It’s ok to say it – taking a hard look in the mirror is the best way to improve. These guys give us 18 steps to get better. It’s like the 10 commandments, only easier to follow.
Check it out

Get over yourself.

Egos; everyone’s got one. And we’re not just talking about the know-it-all types – defensiveness, sensitivity and playing the victim all get in the way of our creativity. So, get over yourself already.
Check it out here

Don’t ask the devvie. 

You know when you ask a developer for a time estimate and they give you that deer-in-headlights look? Well, here’s a guy who illustrated the difficulty with time estimates in a clever way. Tad long, but worth a read.
Check it out

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LOLz of the week

First walk on ice

Epic split

Dancing car salesman

Hipster dad (Future Erik E?)

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