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Celebration of the Mother

"It's a Springtime"


Celebration of the Mother

Where once you where baron
the seed of love was
bestowed upon you, and germinated
as you cared to cultivate it,
It burst forth into new life
and made a mother of you. 
   Artist's Notes                                                          

As spring approaches, I have watched the earth birth nature with the help of the warmth of the sun and the  rain that touches the dormant seeds and plants of winter. Wonderful to see Mother Earth bring forth its beauties.  I am especially aware of it since moving to Glen Carbon Illinois.  It is new surroundings for me, so my awareness is heighten as I become familiar to where I live.  It is such a lovely feeling of "aliveness" with all that surrounds me.  I find that sometimes familiarity causes me to misses the beauty of everyday things like trees, plants and little creatures like the Cardinal I can see from my new studio window. 

Yes, I am back to creating art. Sew Unique Art will continue as a business in Illinois.  But North Carolina don't be afraid I will be back.  I have a few things in the works, hopefully for this year, but if not defiantly for 2018.  I will keep you posted in the near future with information as it comes my way.   
It took a bit longer than I expected to get the business up and going again, as I am still unpacking boxes, and trying to get some sense of order.  It is always a challenge in a move to have everything fall into place, there are always unforeseen surprises, like having to remodel the house we purchase. I find that these little hiccups in life can't stop me from bring fourth my new creations like a mother bringing forth a child when it is ready to be born., there is no stopping it!  So in the mist of the chaos I create, even though it maybe slower than usual. 
"The Delights of Spring Time"

Speaking of a child being born, this spring our grandson came into the world.  I had the great privilege of being a part of experiencing my daughter-in-law entering into motherhood.  It was a great gift to be a part of her birthing process, and the connectivity I felt in the participation of helping usher in the birth of my grandson Theodore Oberon Sumner.  Needless to say my husband and I are very proud grandparents, and our son and daughter-in law proud parents. 

Artist's Tip
Get involved with like minded people that can inspire you to create, and that can challenge you to try new thing and explore new avenues of creativity.  In my new community I have found a quilt guild and a sew club.  These are places I can go and meet new people, share my art and be inspired by the creative process in other people even if what they create may be different than what I do.  Creativity begets Creativity, so go and share yours with others.   

Artist's Thank You!
In February, I had the opportunity to teach at the Innova Longarm Retreat, Birds of a Feather in Virginia.  It was a wonderful time of getting to meet new people and teach the Artful Landscape quilt on both a regular sewing machine and a sit down Innova Longarm machine.  Thank you for all who participated in the class, and for the Innova people and all their help in making my classes a success!    


Please see my Website  for classes and workshops that I am available to teach.  If you have a group you would like me to go and teach let me know. Also visit the Gallery of Past Class and Workshops  
to see pictures.  Enjoy! 
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