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Celebrating a Decade Exploration
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2007-2017 Celebrating a Decade
A collage of art one for each year
   Artist's Notes                                                          

What a better way to celebrate a decade of creating art  then to win a Merritt Award  at the Edwardsville Art Festival in September. It was a wonderful hometown festival, and I meet so many terrific people.  Welcome to you who have joined my newsletter and will be follow me on this adventure.  Thank you to all of you who have followed me this past ten years! 

Many of you know that it was through a Crazy Quilt that I awoke to my creative spirit.  The local quilt stored offered a series of classes where I was learning about fibers and techniques that where used to embellish the top of mix matched fabric pieces sewn together to create a crazy quilt top. After sharing all their artistic possibilities she then said "go and create".   I like so many was use to following a set of patterns or rules created by someone else.  I was in my mid 40 and was surprised at myself at the insecurity that the teacher's words brought to me. But being a good student, I obey and created this crazy quilt. 
"My First Creative Crazy Quilt Art"

Four years later in 2007, and after much exploration of fibers, techniques, and the creative self I had come to know, I decided to share my art with my community.  I have been received well, and it is exciting to be celebrating ten years!  I have loved every minute of it.  It has been the constant in my life connecting me to the beauty of creation and the love of so many who appreciate it. 

I am thankful to all who have encouraged me along the way even when I thought I wasn't good enough to continue.   I am grateful for all who have seen my art, and found the creative eye to love my creativeness.  I am appreciate to all who have invested in me by giving a home to my expression of love which I bestow to each and every one of my art creations.

Thank you for being in this adventure with me,
and may we have many more!
Artist's Tip

When a creative Idea comes your way what do you do with it?   I become more studious of the subject matter. In creating the marsh below, I spend time at a local mash where I live,  I have visited ponds, and taken many pictures of the wild life.  It is an exploration, and a connection to the world I live in.    I think we should become more studious to the things that surround us.  The flowers, the changing of the season, the sunrises and sunsets.  Each one of theses are potential art expressions, and they make you aware of beauty.  It brings me a sense of remembrance of who I am, and it sparks creativity both in art and poetry .

"Nature Spirits"

Walking among the marsh
The crisp air wisps across my face
greeting me as a welcoming guest
my senses awaken with the songs
of the nature spirits
and I am renewed again.
By Ana Sumner

Governor French Academy and Gallery, Belleville Ill
I am currently looking for venues where to teach.  If you are interested in hosting a class or want to participate in a class in the Edwardsville Illinois area.  Please e-mail me at

Also, I am planning to be in Cary, North Carolina some time in August of 2018, and can put a class together for that time. Detail to come

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