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The Art of Gratefulness

"A Glimpse"

I am a part of you
and you are a part of me
without each other
we could not coexist

So lets work together
to share our gifts
and make this world
a beautiful place to live. 

   Artist's Notes                                                          

I am exceedingly grateful for the ability to express in “Art” for it has opened the doors to knowing my creative self, and connecting with many wonderful people in my community, throughout the country, and the world.  If I had not explored creating art, I would have missed the opportunities that it has giving me in learning, teaching and sharing it. 

Last month I shared about change and how it is a transformation of one thing to another.   I also mentioned how I was in the process of change within my own life.  In August we received interesting news.  First that my husband’s work will be out of St. Louis Missouri, so we will be moving from our well loved community of Cary, to the Midwest.  (We are in the process of selling our home, and will move when it is sold.) Second, my husband and I have been blessed with the knowledge that we will be grandparents in April 2017, when our first grandchild will come into the world. 

I am taking the change of moving with a sadden heart that I am leaving, but with a hopeful heart that this new adventure in my life will continue to help me grow and connect with the beauty that is all around me, no matter where I live. Also, I am excited of becoming a grandma and being able to share my life with my son, daughter-in-law and grandchild in this new and wonderful way. 

I will continue doing art, and will keep sending out my newsletters and work harder to keeping my web-site updated.  My hope is that we will stay connected, through art, through the relationships that have been created, and through the internet!  One of the analogies that I have enjoyed about working with fabric and thread is that it is interwoven in its creation.  I feel that I have been interwoven with bonds of love and kindness from all who I have had a pleasure of meeting through the process of art making.  This love and kindness will always be with me. 

I will come back!  I already have plans on doing a miniature exhibit at Page Walker Arts & History Center in July – August 2017.  (I had been asked to do a larger show, but will not be able to due to all the changes,  That just gives me something to plan for the future.)  I will keep you informed about teaching a class or two while I am visiting the area.  

Also,  Remember, I will be teaching at Innova Longarm Network Retreat "Birds of a Feather 2017" in Newport News, Virginia in February 2017.
Artist's Tip
The Making of an Artist -
A moment of clarity came when I created my first Crazy Quilt in the quilt shop in downtown Cary, NC several years ago.  I knew that I needed to create art, and I knew I need to create it in fabric.  This sent me on an exploration of learning, allowing my creativity to flow, and accepting myself as an artist. 
The thing one does to become an artist is becoming a student first.   This relationship of artist/student is a lifelong one of ongoing learning.  The beauty of learning is that you find out so much about who you are, what you like and what you don’t like.  These are very important to the making of an artist. 
In becoming an artist one needs to let creativity flow.  This can be done by daring to try new things, exploring outside your comfort zone, seeing what interest you, what make your heart leap, and then create without fear of rejection.
You become an artist the moment you acknowledge that you are one.  It is not by the level of your artistic ability, but by the knowledge that you are a creative soul, and you desire to share that creativity with others. 

Waverly Artist Group
Saying Goodbye This Friday night


Join us at Waverly Artists Group Studio & Gallery as we are Saying Goodbye 

on Friday, October 28, 6-9 pm at Waverly Place.


Our lease is expiring on November 19th: we thank you for five great years of support while we have

 brought beauty to your community.


Our final open house features the sustaining power of friendship, expressed in the art of 

Errol Engelbrecht and Beth Carrington Brown, and expressed in your  patronage of WAG

 since we began in business. 


We cannot adequately express how thankful we are for having been your friends.


We opened the gallery with a few goals in mind. We wanted to:


bring beauty to our worlds because we believe beauty makes us  better people.

make a contribution to the betterment of our community

have fun i.e. to wag more and bark less

collaborate and become better artists

sell art


What has happened during these past five years?


By all accounts we have reached our imagined goals. In fact, 

I believe we have surpassed our wildest imaginations! 

Five years together have produced a list of rewarding accomplishments. 

Here are some, and there are more. We have:


hosted dozens of monthly art critiques that have improved us and many others as artists.

built friendships with all the vendors in the shopping center

been voted best gallery in town 2015-2016.

sold over $375,000 in art


In addition, we have:

been asked to judge shows, give public lectures, serve on boards of other art communities.

hosted numerous shows for our area artists friends other than Wag members.

given away thousands of dollars in cash and art to local non-profits.

counted over 3000 guest visits.


You have made life fun for us. 




friends, patrons, and fellow artist, we are ending this stage of our journey together. 

Our dream  and commitment to the ideals of Wag will continue, time will tell how these dreams are expressed.


 Speaking for all of us, thank you for helping make the Wag dream come true.   

(For me, I will never forget these five years and how they have shaped me as an artist and as a person.)


Let’s share one last Final Friday together on October 28th with refreshments, music, misty eyes and fond goodbyes...


A gift from us to you.

As a special thank you we will provide special pricing on selected art beginning at our Final Open House on October 28 and extending through to our last day of business on November 19th.



Warmly and with good memories from all of us at Waverly Artist Group

We do hope that over time you will see other expressions of WAG and our desire to bring beauty to each of you.


Gary Bradley



Click on picture for more information
In the winter of 2017, I will be teaching students how to create an Artful Landscape Quilt, or they can make it into an art piece, either way. It will be at the Innova Longarm Network Retreat "Birds of a Feather 2017" in Newport News, Virginia. Registration in progress!
"The World Down Under"
Through the Needle's Eye
20th National Traveling Exhibit 
"The World Down Under"

Will be on exhibit at:

Marion Heritage Center in Marion, Iowa
August 6 - October 8, 2016

Neville Public Museum of Brown County in Green Bay, Wisconsin
October 29, 2016 - January 7, 2017

Through the Needle's Eye is a national, juried exhibition of contemporary needlework.
The 20th incarnation of the show opened in the spring of 2014 in Palmer Lake, Colorado,
and will travel to venues across the country for three years, ending in 2017. 

  • You can purchase my art at Waverly Artists Group, Cary, NC; Liquidambar Gallery and Gift in Pittsboro, NC; or through my website:
  • Did you know that you can also purchase prints, cards, and other items from some of my selected art pieces? Go to Fine Art America (click on the link and it will take you there).
  • You can purchase my art at any exhibition that I may be displaying at. There is usually a price list available. 



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