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"Winter Cardinal"

February, two years ago, we moved to the Midwest.  A couple of weeks of being in our new home, a snow storm came through the night.  The next day, the world was transformed into a beautiful white paradise.  I took a break from unpacking, and stared out my window to the beauty before me. As I stood there, a Cardinal flew onto a branch of a tree where I could see him.   With my camera, I took his picture through the window, and share it with you in a newsletter.  I also made myself a promised to create an art piece that would reflect the wonderment and beauty of that day.
 It is hard to believe that I have been here two years!   Just the other day, I was reminded of that promise when once again, I saw a Cardinal on the tree out of my window after the first winter storm of this year.  I had been lacking in inspiration, and was struggling with what to create.  As I looked at the Cardinal, excitement and creative juices began to flow.   My imagination began to ignite with ideas on how to translate what I was seeing into art.  I wasted no time getting into my studio and started creating. When I was done, I was filled with joy at the completion of “Winter Cardinal.” 

What have I been up too?

Have you ever woken up to an idea that compelled you to pursue it?   I have always had a desire to write a book, but I had no idea how to go about it.  I contemplated writing one on some of my art techniques, but I could not convince myself to do so at this time.  I wanted the book to be about my art, but that is all I had to go on, and that wasn’t much. 
One September morning in 2018, I woke up with an interesting thought.   Why not take all my newsletters and poems and write a book of some of the stories and poetry that I have shared over the years?  I was excited about this thought, and a bit frighten at the possibility that this was outside my comfort zone.  I knew I was not the greatest writer, some of my newsletters can attest to that, but deep within me, I knew that this was the way I need to write the book.   For besides art being a great passion, so is storytelling, something that I am coming to understanding about myself. 
Writing a book is no different than creating art.  When you first begin, you need to find a good instructor to guide you along.  Within a couple of weeks of having that thought, the appropriate resources crossed my path.  This is when
Dawn Montefusco, Life Coach for Writers, Poets, & Creatives, came into my life.  How appropriate.  She is helping me to expound on some of my writing and poems, and combined with some of my art I hope to create a book. 
I know that in the past few months I have not been as active in my artistic endeavors.  Sometimes you need to slow things down, so that other creative ideas can flourish.  That being said, I will not be teaching for a while, for I am now the student.   I have dedicated this year to finishing the book, and creating the art that will accompany it, so that in the near future I can have a solo exhibition featuring both my writings and my art.  Until then, I will keep writing my newsletters, and keep you posted on the progress, as well as share some of fun that I am having along the way.   Thank you for taking this journey with me!


As the north wind blows
the trees go bare
and the land declares
what a view!
The sky reveals
a love affair
with the brightly color blue,
and the river unaware
mirrors back it is true.
 by Ana Sumner

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