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September 06, 2022

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I hope you're all enjoying the long weekend. Happy Labor Day! 🌱 It's been fun to see so many of you harvesting your crops and preparing the shop equipment. Keep up the good work!

Our partners at Crop Performance Research and Odonata 360 recently posted about updates from the GHA & FOH Fiber Variety Trials. They have been working hard to get the national agronomic data from the various locations.  We are so thankful for their dedicated time and experience in the field. 

Check the latest updates below! 💪

Aerial photo of the Kansas trial location.

 THC tests were taken (Composite per variety and 10 samples were sent to the lab- the results have been received) 
📸Melissa Nelson
At harvest, the final plant height of each variety is recorded. Each plot is cut with a sickle mower. Then weighed to calculate tons per acre.  More locations are being harvested this week and final data is being collected. 👏👏👏

 📸Melissa Nelson
From the GHA Research team, Odonata 360 did incredible work this season and we're excited for his contribution and input for next years trials. They had the first cut of the research trial.
 📸Odonata 360
Genetic Information is the first step in developing industrial hemp as an agricultural commodity. 

Do you want seed trial data?

Looking for which genetics grow in your state?

Curious about average yeilds in different regions?

Are certified seeds performing? 

Interested in getting involved in next years trials? Fiber and/or Grain?

All data will be available to sponsors by end year 2022. Sponsors start at $5,000 and are a tax-deductible donation to Friends of Hemp 501(c)(3) 

Data will be available to GHA Members in May 2023. 
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September 7, 2022, at 10am MDT
Sam Rushing

Sam A. Rushing is a chemist and president of Advanced Cryogenics Ltd. He has vast merchant and consulting experience to bring forward to the CO2 source or project.

 Advanced Cryogenics, Ltd. is primarily a carbon dioxide consulting firm, which serves all source – types of raw and refined CO2. The company is supported by decades of carbon dioxide industry expertise. This carbon dioxide industry – related experience is twofold, from the merchant CO2 sector, and in the practice, and development of a dedicated CO2 consulting business.
Talking Points:
 1. Review the CO2 merchant supply network and source types domestically. 
2. Discuss/review crop growth enhancement via CO2 atmospheric enhancement. 
3. Review CO2 supercritical cannabis/CBD extraction via CO2 as a premium solvent in the industry, v. agents such as hydrocarbon-based solvents.
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Prairie Band Ag's Industrial Hemp and Fiber Decortication Facility will be hosting a Grand Opening event to showcase the facilities' fiber processing equipment and operations! Please come with questions and an appetite to learn all about industrial hemp.
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