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There are a lot of ways to learn about the hemp industry, and the more you know about it, the better you can prepare yourself for your future career or business. Here are five tips on how to enrich your knowledge about hemp:

1. Read a book on it, or find a podcast that discusses the subject. Make sure to check out the GHA Interview recordings and Meetings as we have uploaded 100+ videos. GHA provides an excellent resource of information about the hemp industry.
2. Watch a documentary about hemp and its uses in different areas of life and industry.

3. Talk with people who are knowledgeable about the industry, such as those who are GHA Members

4. Attend a conference on hemp and meet with other people who have experience working with this plant-based material. You can also attend GHA meetings and meet them there!

5. Join GHA Membership to gain access to the GHA directory, leading resources and data, and access to all events and meetings and gain support from our unique network of professionals across the supply chain.
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GHA Events this Week

Wouldn’t it be great to have the chance to ask a bunch of your questions to the experts? We’re conducting four live virtual interviews this week and we want you to watch. You'll be able to see them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Strat Noller
January 10, 2023 at 10am MDT

Strat is the founder and former director of the Global Hemp Innovation Center, Oregon State University, noted as the world’s leading research institute for Cannabis sativa, from agriculture and food, to engineering and energy and industrial advanced products, to marketing and business, to pharmaceutical and health applications.

His years of research in grain, fiber and pharma-chemical hemp sectors built an institute with current federal grants above $80M, involving nearly 70 faculty in nearly thirty different disciplines just at OSU, along with a network involving collaborations with over 60 institutions and many more companies globally. He has served as advisor on Cannabis sativa to government leaders and agencies in Europe, Asia, Oceania, and across the USA and the Americas. Frequently tapped to headline major conferences and symposiums, Strat is well-regarded by many as one of the world's premier experts in hemp and its derived products.
Watch Here
Nydia Zamorano-Torres
January 11, 2023 at 10am MDT

Nydia is a ganja clergywoman, cannabis educator, and advocate. She is the Co-founder/Owner with her 8-year-old son of Terpenes. More than brand, Terpenes is education. She uses simple terpene education to break the stigma around Cannabis & Hemp. Living as if education is generational wealth.
Nydia is also the Founder of URWellnessllc, a holistic & intuitive guide using a three-pillar approach to mind, body, and sacred plant medicine. She creates sacred circles and brave spaces for individuals to explore sacred plant medicines.
Talking Points:
1. Terpenes
2. Sacrament
3. Spiritually
4. Sustainability
5. Balance
Watch Here
Guest Speakers Background

Alli La Pierre is a Material Developer at Patagonia, an organization with a mission to build the best product and cause no unnecessary harm. Alli works with suppliers to create the technical, environmental, and aesthetic innovations that define Patagonia products. In addition to seasonal development work, Alli works closely with cross-functional teams to identify, vet, and implement new and sustainable technology, chemistries, and processes across the supply chain.

Talking Points:
1. Material Development
2. Hemp Supply Chain
Watch Here
Siobhan O'Malley
January 12, 2023 at 10am MDT

Siobhan is the Co-Founder of Hemprino. Hemprino is a natural fibre luxury knitwear brand, founded by three farmers who were fashion outsiders. They created a unique blend of hemp fibre and merino wool into a soft and light mid layer yarn. Launched to market in 2022 they have rapidly gained fans in their native New Zealand and look to expand their reach to the world in 2023.

Talking Points:
1. Hemprino R&D process
2. Biodegradable bottom line
3. How the co-founders met
4. Challenges of sourcing hemp fibre
If you're looking for more events, check out the GHA event list for the other upcoming events next month.
Featured Article

Hemp Biofuels: High Energy, Low Environmental Impact

Biofuels are an important addition to the energy sector. Oil and gas are under greater scrutiny from governments and consumers because of their high carbon footprint. According to the Global Carbon Project fossil fuel emissions will hit a record high in 2022 of 40.6 billion tons. At the rate of CO2 emissions, we will exceed the global warming of 1.5o C in just nine years!

Many people say biofuels will save us, but not all biofuels are created equal. We see the impact of fossil fuels getting more dangerous daily. What do biofuels have to offer?  Read more


Members of the South Dakota Industrial Hemp Association have a goal for South Dakota growers to plant 10,000 acres of industrial hemp in 2023.  To help reach this goal and to educate farmers about how to grow industrial hemp, there will be twenty-six (26) hemp growers meetings held across the state of South Dakota between January 18th and March 2nd.  Growers will be introduced to best practices for growing hemp and informed on contracts available to sell both their hemp fiber and grain. Information for these meetings will be updated regularly and published at

Two hemp fiber processors in South Dakota are now purchasing qualifying hemp fiber bales at $210.00 a ton and are offering $220.00 a ton to growers for their 2023 hemp bales if growers enter grow contracts no later than March 15th. 

If you have questions, please contact either John Peterson with Dakota Hemp at 605-660-5821 or Ken Meyer with A.H. Meyer & Sons, Inc. (d/b/a Complete Hemp Processing) at 605-291-9083

The Dama team is excited to announce that they are expanding their operations in Colorado. This expansion allows them to process even more waste hemp and cannabis biomass. They will be accepting waste biomass within 250 miles of our facility in Aurora, CO.

Dama is working with the state of Colorado and local businesses to reduce landfill waste, and reduce the carbon emissions associated with improper disposal or burning of biomass. Help them create a waste-free Colorado today.


Their licensed and certified waste haulers are available and ready to pick up biomass all across the state.

Pickup fee, subject to location. If you can drop off your material to them, it's FREE!

Contact them at

Unlock the value of a Bale of Hemp Fiber
What is the value of a bale of hemp fiber? Hemp will replace incumbent materials in so many industries as the market matures.

Find price discovery for each of industrial hemp's fiber outtakes and the current materials in our new PanXchange year-end report: "US Industrial Hemp Fiber: Processing Capacity and Margins" available now, 27 pp. Cost: $850.
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