Dear Force2015 Community –

On behalf of the FORCE2015 Conference Organizing Committee, we want to thank those who participated in person, via twitter and via remote live stream.  It was an active, exciting couple of days with 260 people in attendance, 5,000+ tweets (114,000 account reach) and 350+ on streaming video. 
We appreciate and encourage your feedback and ideas for moving forward from here. www.force11.org/2015conferencecomments.
Here are some highlights, themes, and questions from our plethora of presenters and participants. 
  • Chris Lintott caused more than one of us to make New Year's resolutions to do more out-of-this world citizen science, even on penguins.
  • Seeing the very first peer-reviewed scientific journal was awe-inspiring, and made us wonder, how has scholarly communication changed in the 350 years since then?
  • How can we help people do science in places where internet and resources are scarce? and how can we communicate the scholarly activities of the world to such places? We were shown, YES, it can be done!
  • We want attribution for all that we do, it is what makes us who we are.
  • How can we promote financing of team approaches versus traditional competitive ones?
  • Does the literature aim to be reproducible, transparent, tell stories, or something else? 
  • Amy Friedlander inspired us to unveil of the long tail, where publications are linked to underlying evidence and tools.
  • Sarah Thomas helped us see the librarian of the future, with a new toolkit that will bind us all together.
  • So many new modes of communication, including new journals, new tools, new venues, happening all because of you. 
  • YES an if you are Phil Bourne, you can not only garner a crowd-level perspective from your crowd-sourced talk, you can also make us feel guilty for not participating.
Want to get more involved in the community?  Here are some ways…. 
  1. If you are interested in hosting a future FORCE Meeting, let us know by email info@force11.org.
  2. Join the FORCE2016 Organizing committee and help design the next conference being held in Portland, Oregon, USA.
  3. Get involved with FORCE11, join a working group or start a working group.
Tell your friends and colleagues!   The FORCE11 community is made vibrant by having a diversity of perspectives and opinions. Anyone can join here.  

Keep tweeting and blogging about your FORCE-full ideas and keep us posted.
See you next year in Portland, Oregon.  May the FORCE be with you. 
Best regards,
Dave and Melissa
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