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Part 1: Research-Industry Engagement: (Not Always) Love at First Sight

My experiences have given me an insight into the value of education and research to business and industry, but also some of the challenges of successful engagement. 
Given that this is an article for the CRC Association Newsletter, I'll refer to CRCs but I use the same approach for any service-based organisation.
CRCs, the good news is that industry needs you. The bad news is that many don't know it yet.
Our local industries need to build global quality and scale, requiring a continuous stream of knowledge. CRCs are not only knowledge-rich but also generators of new knowledge. So why doesn't industry always beat a path to your door?
A key issue is that industry, like the rest of us, is inundated with more information than can be processed.  Without a personal connection, this information is just noise. Information only becomes knowledge with relevance and we only find relevance through trust and value.
For CRCs, therefore, better industry engagement is about identifying and building relevance, trust and value.
You can assume that your CRC is relevant so the real question is "to whom are you relevant?"
Relevance can be determined by a number of factors including:
- location (industries in our local area);
- purpose (industries which share our vision); and
- capabilities (industries that can use and value our services).
Relevance is critical to finding communities of interest, those where you are creating mutual value and everyone wants you to succeed.
Do you have a compelling purpose?
Is your research disruptive (ie. leading to new businesses and business models) or is it making existing businesses more efficient or effective?
CRCs, and their partners, have most of the required capabilities, however, engaging to build trusted relationships that deliver value ... will be covered in the next newsletter.
Paul Hodgson has worked in innovation engagement for more than twenty years and most recently was Senior Adviser, Industry and Innovation for The Hon Greg Combet AM. Paul will also be a guest speaker at next year's CRC Association Communicators meeting (; 0431 882  911).

Part 2: will be out in next fortnight's newsletter.

Vitae RDF Planner: Developing your Research Life

The Vitae Research Development Framework (RDF) Planner is a professional development tool for presenting skills, qualifications and achievements in the context of a professional career plan.  In essence, the RDF Planner is a tool to record and showcase accomplishments, clarify expertise and capabilities, identify areas for development, and help focus training efforts for maximum effectiveness. I’ve been fortunate to access the Planner through the CRC Association, and so far I’m very pleased with what it offers for my career and professional development.

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Katy Perry's latest album triggers biosecurity alert

No, yours eyes aren't tricking you, you read correctly. US Singer Katy Perry has recently triggered a biosecurity alert from the Department of Agriculture. The source of the problem stems from flower seeds which she included in the album's packaging.

Plant Biosecurity CRC Chief Executive Officer, Dr Michael Robinson, is grateful to Katy Perry for raising biosecurity awareness. “Even the smallest seeds imported from other countries can threaten Australia’s food production systems or our natural ecosystems,” Dr Robinson said.  

“I think we should thank Katy Perry for raising the community's awareness of biosecurity. I would also like to acknowledge the Department of Agriculture for their prompt action in ensuring there wasn’t a risk to Australia in this instance.”

“This incident is a reminder that we all need to be vigilant, particularly as we become an increasingly globalised society, moving more people and products around the world.”

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Innovating With Asia Conference

The CRC Association's Conference, Innovating with Asia 2014, will be held on the 20th and 21st of May in Western Australia at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre. The conference will look outwards and examine  world's best practice and innovations from the fastest growing economies.

The featured speakers for the event will include Peggy Liu, Chairperson for JUCCE, a non-profit organisation dedicated to accelerating the greening of China; Thomas Barlow, CEO of Thomas Barlow Advisory Services, and author of Between The Eagle And The Dragon, Professor Thomas Allen, Emeritus Professor of Organization Studies at MIT Sloan School of Management, who developed the communication theory, know as the  Allen Curve and Madani Sahari of the Malaysian Auto Institute.

There will also be a session held on the remarkable growth of Australia's Mining Equipment, Technology and Services sector.

Registrations will be open soon.

Books strengthen bushfire safety

Highlighting the breadth and depth of Australia’s national bushfire research program, two books were launched by the Bushfire CRC on 23 October in Melbourne.

Launched by Australasian Fire and Emergency Services Authorities Council CEO and Bushfire CRC board member Stuart Ellis to the fire, land management and emergency service industry, the two books display the extensive reach of Bushfire CRC research, and are very different in both content and style:
  • The Handbook of Disaster Policies and Institutions – Improving Emergency Management and Climate Change Adaption by Bushfire CRC research leaders Professor John Handmer from RMIT University and Professor Stephen Dovers from the Australian National University
  • The Making a bushfire survival plan? Involve your kids! ebook by Dr Briony Towers from RMIT University
“Both products demonstrate that the Bushfire CRC research program has breadth, depth and a multitude of potential audiences,” said Mr Ellis.

Aimed at policy makers and operational personnel, the updated and revised second edition of the Handbook of Disaster Policies and Institutions – Improving Emergency Management and Climate Change Adaption includes new coverage of climate change adaptation, which has rapidly become central to disaster and emergency planning and management. The book is an essential handbook for practitioners across the world seeking to improve the quality, robustness and capacity of their disaster management mechanisms.

Designed for parents to help discuss bushfire preparation and safety with their children, the ebook is interactive and engaging, outlining how the whole family can help prepare for bushfire. It is based on the PhD research of Dr Towers, and is only available from the Bushfire CRC website, by searching for ‘ebook’, or can be downloaded here. It is a free download, and viewable on any tablet device or PC.
Briony Towers ebook launch – Dr Briony Towers speaks to the industry at the launch of the ebook, based on her Bushfire CRC PhD research. Click to enlarge the image.

Filming Captures CRC Legacy

Filming has begun for a suite of videos that will provide a lasting legacy on the value and impact of Future Farm Industries CRC's research programs.

During October and November, farmers and CRC research teams across Australia are supporting video crews from Anvil Media, who are producing the videos on behalf of the CRC.

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Macroalgae, a promising sustainable biofuel feedstock 

Macroalgae are a promising sustainable biofuel feedstock with many advantages over conventional terrestrial feed stocks, including the disassociation with arable land, fresh water and direct human consumption. However, like microalgae it has been suggested that the feasibility of macroalgae as a biofuel feedstock will require an integrated biorefinery approach

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World-first imaging system for cochlear implants

A world-first brain imaging system has been launched at the Australian Hearing Hub, located at Macquarie University. The system will allow researchers in the ARC Centre of Excellence in Cognition and its Disorders (CCD) and The HEARing Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) to see how the information processed by cochlear implants is interpreted by the brain.

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Young and Well CRC Finalist in the 2013 Victorian Health Promotion Awards

The Young and well CRC has been named as a finalist in the 2013 Victorian Health Promotion Awards in the category of  Knowledge and Understanding.

Finalists will join their peers and dignitaries in government and health promotion at the awards ceremony on Tuesday 3 December, where the winners of the nine categories will be revealed.

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New office for CRC Association
The CRC Association recently moved. We are now at. 

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13-15 November

Investing in the Future

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19-21 November
Lab Management & Design Conference, Brisbane
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25th - 28th November
World Congress on Railway Research
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4th December

Smart Services CRC Annual R&D Conference & Innovation Showcase

Our theme Co-creation and Innovation represents the nature of our $100 million opportunity to extend the CRC for 5 years and collaborate on projects that deliver value to the people and organisations involved, and the broader community.

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9th of December

CRC Showcase and Wound CRC Saving Our Skin

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Benefit Spotlight

Research Development Framework (RDF)
The CRC Association is the first in Australia to licence the Research Development Framework (RDF), developed by Vitae UK for the UK Research Council.

Access to the framework is one of the many benefits the CRC Association offers.

If you would like a password, simply contact and quote your member organisation.
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