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Who is bidding  ?

As groups are forming to bid in the 19th CRC Funding Round in 2017, the CRC Association will feature bids and issues for bidders in a series of articles.

Early setting of the ground rules for participating in a CRC is important. Fundamental issues like the IP arrangements or cash contributions may rule certain organisations in or out. The CRC Association has suggested that participants develop a Term Sheet for involvement.

The Miles Review limited the options for how a CRC will be legally structured – they have to be a company limited by guarantee – so there is now no need for discussion in this area. But what about before you even get to the stage of developing a Term Sheet?

Dr Stella Clark and Dr Richard Huysmans of Raven Consulting Group, advocate that multi-organisations research initiatives benefit from early “collaborative conversations” that focus on the people and their relationships, and not just the research activities.

“During proposal development, the focus is often on the funding deadline. Important issues of how people actually collaborate might be part of the later discussion,” says Stella Clark.

“Tailored programs to mentor, coach and improve skills at the very early stage pay big dividends, but are easy to overlook in the rush for a deadline,” says Dr Clark.

The CRC Association has long advised potential CRC bidders to talk more and talk earlier in the collaboration pipeline. If you would like to discuss piloting a “collaborative conversation” links are provided to Richard and Stella’s work.

Who is developing a CRC proposal for Round 19?
  • Advanced Medical Biotechnology – Dr John Lowenthal
  • Chronic Disease
  • Food Waste
  • Sub Sea CRC
  • Farming Smarter CRC - Associate Professor David Miron
Please contact the association if you would like to contact any of the above people.
Note: the CRC Association will list any bid that makes us aware of their intention. You can do so by sending an email to The CRC Association has no formal role in the CRC selection process.

Are you a Member of the CRC Association?   

Are you currently preparing, or thinking about preparing, a CRC or a CRC-P bid? Then membership with the CRC Association should be one of your top priorities. Through membership with the Association you gain access to the wealth and knowledge of 25 years of CRCs.

The CRC Association will help guide you with your bid and put you in contact with the people you should be speaking to. When bid time comes around, we will help you with a mock interview and provide feedback. Other benefits include access to specials on flights, Vitae’s RDF Planner, and access to the CRC Association’s members' website that contains vital information when setting up or bidding for a CRC.

We are delighted that every CRC chooses to be a Member and a growing number of universities are joining the Association. Over the next six months we will be building up the Members’ website to be even more comprehensive.  

Contact Jordan Gardner for more membership information. 

CRC Chat with Tony Peacock and Alex Sloan on 666 ABC

Dr Tony Peacock, Chief Executive of the CRC Association, and Alex Sloan from 666 ABC, talk to Professor Peter Doherty, Nobel Laureate and former Australian of the year about vaccination.
Listen here

2016 Australian National Fabrication Facility Showcase

The ANFF Annual Research Showcase this year will be held on Wednesday 16 and Thursday 17 November with a technology training day on Tuesday 15 November at the National Centre for Synchrotron Science (NCSS) building, Australian Synchrotron. This promises to be an exciting event with presentations of the latest ANFF research with a theme of Mind the gap. ANFF is enabling researchers to close the gaps between technological challenges and research outcomes through access to state of the art equipment and fellow researchers across the organisation. We look forward to welcoming you at the event.
More information

Collaborate | Innovate | 2017

The CRC Association is in the planning process of next year’s conference, Collaborate | Innovate | 2017, to be held from 23-25 May at QT Canberra.

Sponsorship opportunities are now available. Sponsorship provides a host of benefits and exposure among a diverse range of attendees: politicians, industry leaders and the Cooperative Research Centres community. You won’t find a similar opportunity this year.
More information

Seminar: A Competitive CRC Bid - What does it take ?

The CRC Association will be holding a series of free seminars around the country on what it takes to put up a competitive CRC and CRC-P bid. We are likely to hold another event at Monash University.

Townsville - 19 October
Brisbane - 20 October

SERC satellites offering research opportunities for ILRS members

Researchers from the Space Environment Research Centre (SERC) will attend the 20th International Workshop on Laser Ranging (IWSLR) in Potsdam, Germany from 9-14 October 2016. This workshop is the world’s leading event devoted to space laser ranging and space debris tracking. Five SERC researchers have been invited to present papers on laser technology advances, advancements in retroreflector arrays and their modelling and laser tracking of space debris.

The IWSLR is a bi-annual event for members of the International Laser Ranging Service (ILRS). Delegates are drawn from leading space agencies, space research centres and key thought leaders in space laser tracking.

At a previous ILRS conference SERC successfully bid for the 21st IWSLR to be held in Canberra, Australia in late 2018. This successful bid will result in around 200 international space and laser ranging experts congregating in Canberra for the event.

SERC Chief Executive Officer, Dr Ben Greene will attend the Potsdam workshop to present a paper titled “On-orbit Calibration of Laser Beam Intensity”. Dr Greene will also announce that SERC is to launch two satellites to measure the actual photon pressure achieved by ground-based lasers.  SERC and other research agencies are seeking to demonstrate that debris can be moved by ground based lasers, but until now there has been no means of measuring the forces achieved on orbit. 

Moving space debris with lasers has never been done before and if achieved would be a leap forward in the quest limit the mounting threat of space debris to space based infrastructure.  It is estimated that around 300,000 pieces of man-made space debris are currently orbiting the earth and endangering vital space infrastructure.

Dr Greene will make an Announcement of Opportunity (AO) during the workshop, inviting expressions of interest from ILRS members to calibrate their lasers using sensors on SERC satellites.

The Lowitja Institute International Indigenous Health and Wellbeing Conference

The Lowitja Institute International Indigenous Health and Wellbeing Conference 2016 will celebrate, share and strengthen Indigenous knowledges and bring together Indigenous people from around Australia and the world. Underpinned by a strong cultural framework, the conference will connect our peoples, and others committed to working with us, to shape our future.

Registrations are now open and the program is up on the website.

PhD Coaching to completion - helping PhD students improve their productivity, complete their thesis and transition to work

According to a UK survey (2012) only one third of PhD students in their final years are clear on what they want from their career. We also know 50% (and growing) of PhD graduates will end up in a job outside academic research immediately following their PhD. Yet almost 100% of their training and experiences are within academic contexts.
Added to this, PhD completion rates are 50% after 4 years of study and not much better (70%) after 6 years. With an increased funding focus on completions, it is important students are supported to complete their study and in a timely fashion.
Research shows that three factors influence completion:
  • Perceived competence - students who believe they are competent persist to completion independent of their study scores in their degree courses.
  • Student-advisory relationship - the better the quality, the more likely students will complete.
  • Interactions with other faculty - the better the quality, the more likely students will complete.
Over 12 months, this program - Coaching to Completion - helps supervisors by taking some of the non-research supervisory load (e.g. using technology, overcoming barriers to writing, growing networks and networking skills). It boosts student self-confidence and provides opportunities to interact with other faculty (within their organisation and also outside it), thereby increasing completion rates. It is delivered by Dr Richard Huysmans, an expert in Business to University Collaboration. Richard has been through the PhD process and now works closely with academics and business people alike.
For more information, download the brochure, call (0412 606 178) or email Dr Richard Huysmans

Australian Wound Innovation Centre - Clinical Services is Recruiting 

The legacies of the WMI CRC in research, development, education and translation are planned to continue through the transition to a self-funded organisation, the Australian Wound Innovation Centre (AWIC). The AWIC will be the legacy vehicle which will house a number of activities of the Centre to create a world first and unique perspective of the management of chronic wounds. The Clinical Services arm of the Australian Wound Innovation Centre will be the nation’s central facility dedicated to the provision of expert wound care, clinical research and face-to-face training.

They are seeking the best and brightest, most caring and compassionate skilled staff who can contribute on the world stage to improve patient outcomes for our flagship Clinical Services, based in Brisbane, the nation’s first private facility solely dedicated to wound treatment, education and research.
More information

European Research Council  to invest record budget in 2017

The  European Research Council (ERC) announces its 2017 grant competitions with a total budget of around €1.8 billion, the highest ever since the ERC's inception in 2007. It is also the record ERC annual funding reserved for young researchers with two to seven years of post-PhD experience (Starting grants).
For more information
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19 October 2016, Townsville
A competitive CRC bid: what does it take ?

20 October 2016, Brisbane
A competitive CRC bid: what does it take ?

8-10 November, Melbourne
The Lowitja Institute Health
and Wellbeing
For more information

30 November, Perth
CRC ORE Annual Assembly
For more information

6-8 December 2016
Dealing with Derelict Mines 2016
International summit on a risk-based approach to managing derelict mines
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Ahead of Sustainable House Day, being held across the country on 11 September 2016, we’re taking a look at some of the best homes on display.

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News from the Minister
Oct 11, 2016 02:58 pm | Department of Industry, Innovation and Science

The Australian Government is continuing to drive investment and economic growth in Northern Australia, by announcing the appointment of Ms Laurie Walker as the Cairns-based CEO of the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility (NAIF).

Oct 10, 2016 11:23 am | Department of Industry, Innovation and Science

The Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science, the Hon. Greg Hunt MP, addressed the CEDA State of the Nation forum at Parliament House ACT.

Oct 10, 2016 11:21 am | Department of Industry, Innovation and Science

Minister for Resources and Northern Australia Matt Canavan has welcomed today’s announcement from Australia Pacific LNG that production has started from the second train at its Curtis Island facility near Gladstone.

Oct 07, 2016 11:40 am | Department of Industry, Innovation and Science

As the last Ford Falcon and Holden Cruze roll off the production line today, the Turnbull Government is committed to supporting workers during what is a difficult time for many staff and their families.

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