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Part 2: Research-Industry Engagement: (Not Always) Love at First Sight

Last newsletter, I covered "relevance" and, now that you have it, put it away - for the moment. Relevance only gave you an indication of who to engage with, not what to engage them on. You'll need it later but only after you've built trust.
Building Trust
The Maister, Green and Galford book "The Trusted Advisor" is an excellent read. At its heart is the trust equation, where:
      Trust = Credibility + Reliability + Intimacy
You'll notice that the nominator has three time-based elements. Credibility is the depth of experience you bring with you, reliability is something you demonstrate over time and intimacy is an investment of time in the relationship. Your success on these three factors in building trust will be reduced by how focused you are on meeting your own needs, so ... leave the brochures and KPIs back at the office.
Listen, ask questions, be generous with your time and your knowledge, be open and don't pre-determine the direction or outcome of the discussions.
Delivering Value
From my experience, true value rarely is limited to the specific products and services that you offer. It could be an experience, a skill or a contact that you have, delivered just at the time it is relevant and valuable to the recipient.
As a CRC, you have a richness of knowledge to share with industry but be creative and generous with how and when that knowledge is shared.
Providing a regular and varied range of industry engagement opportunities will maximise the chance of connecting at valuable moments.
And lastly, seek to measure the value for both your CRC and for industry. Relationships will only survive where both parties continue to see value.
With a focus on relevance, trust and value, you will contribute to building better industries while securing your CRC's future.

Paul Hodgson has worked in innovation engagement for more than twenty years and most recently was Senior Adviser, Industry and Innovation for The Hon Greg Combet AM. Paul will also be a guest speaker at next year's CRC Association Communicators' meeting (; 0431 882 911).

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The Australian Feral Camel Management Project (AFCMP)

The Australian Feral Camel Management Project (AFCMP), undertaken by Ninti One has successfully concluded after 4 years.
The outcomes from the program was recently outlined in an event held at Parliament house titled, “Managing Feral Camels across Australia”. The $19m program has resulted in a significant reduction in feral camel densities.

Ms Jan Ferguson, Managing Director of Ninti One, had the following to say “As a result of feral camel management, native vegetation, wildlife and waterholes are in better condition over large tracks of landscape, the pastoral industry has experienced reduced camel pressures on its grazing lands and Aboriginal communities have seen their cultural heritage protected”  
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Announcing the CRCA National Conference: Innovating with Asia 2014
The Innovating with Asia 2014 Conference provides access to Australian innovation funding sources, a dynamic education program and people who are now creating real impact through research.

Why you need to attend
In ‘The Asian Century’ Australia’s geographical proximity and stability places us in a unique position to take advantage of the growing influence of Asia globally.

The Cooperative Research Centres Association in 2014 will look outwards and examine the world’s best practice and innovations from the fastest growing economies. Learn more about the quality of Australian CRC’s and how they compliment global innovation.

The program will appeal to:
●     Industries that benefit from Cooperative Research Centres (CRC)
●     CEO’s and Managers of CRC’s Communication Professionals
●     CRC Education Professionals
●     Researchers and Research Managers
●     Australian University Research Officers
●     Schools and Faculties of Science
●     Deans of Science
●     Students of Science
●     Policy Makers
●     Innovators in Mining
●     Innovators in Agriculture and Food 2014

Confirmed Keynote Speakers
The conference convenors are pleased to announce the following keynote speakers.

Professor Thomas Allen, Howard W. Johnson Professor of Management and Emeritus Professor of Organization Studies, MIT Sloan School of Management    

Peggy Liu, Chairperson for JUCCCE, which is a non-profit organisation dedicated to accelerating the greening of China    

Thomas Barlow, CEO of Thomas Barlow Advisory Services. Thomas is a leading research strategist in Australia. Author of Between the Eagle and the Dragon: Who is Winning the Innovation Race.

Dr Jason Fox, motivation strategy & design expert who shows forward-thinking leaders how to craft the structures that influence behaviour and shape culture.  
Online Registration now open - save up $100 and receive a free book!
The first 150 registrations will receive a copy of Between the Eagle and the Dragon: Who is Winning the Innovation Race, by keynote speaker Thomas Barlow.
Thank you to our sponsors:
●        CSIRO
●        Edith Cowan University
●        University of Western Australia
Sponsorship opportunities still available! Find out more on our website.

Awards recognise dual CRC contributions

The achievements and contributions of two leading researchers working with the Future Farm Industries CRC were recognised at a recent presentation in Canberra.

Dr Amir Abadi, Department of Parks and Wildlife WA (DPaW) and Kate Sargeant, Department of Environment and Primary Industries Victoria (DEPI), were both presented with the Chairman’s Award during the November meeting of CRC Directors and Participants.

To read the story click here

Movember Funding Opportunity

The Young and Well CRC have recently formed a partnership with the Movember Foundation. Movember is the annual month long event involving growing moustaches to raise the awareness of men's health issues.

The Movember Foundation and Young and Well recently collaborated on the publication of Game On: Exploring the Impact of Technologies on Young Men's Mental Health and Wellbeing paving the way for better support of and engagement with young men.

“The Movember Foundation is now seeking proposals from organisations that wish to collaboratively develop new mental health projects that will contribute to change at the population level, with a specific focus on prevention, early intervention and stigma reduction”
For more information Click here

Tony Peacock, CEO of the CRC Association sporting a moustach last year for Movember. 

New Chinese Trade Mark Law: Levelling the International Trade Mark Field

For quite a few years now CRCs have been embracing collaborations in China, yet they have remained concerned as to whether their interests and IP could be truly protected.  In particular, ‘stealing ideas’ and counterfeit goods have been ongoing concerns.  China is now starting to show strong signs of becoming a world player on the intellectual property frontier. 

The following article talks about reforms to modernise Chinese trade mark law and is a positive indication of more to come. Click here to read more.

STEM Survey

Australia’s Chief Scientist, Professor Ian Chubb AC invites you to participate in a project to determine how science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) skills are used by Australian businesses.

Your input will inform targeted strategies and programs to ensure that the needs of industry are met.The online survey will take around 20 minutes to complete, and is being conducted by Deloitte Access Economics.

You can access the survey here:

Please see for more information.

Collaboration with the CRC for Low Carbon Living

The Sustainable Build Environment National Research Centre (SBEnrc) has recently announced a collaboration with the CRC for Low Carbon Living. This new joint initiative will run through to late 2015 and will leverage funding from the industry, government and research partners of SBEnrc and the CRC.

“Working on this project with the SBEnrc we believe is a great opportunity to gain significant synergies through integrating and sharing information as well as funding. We don’t want to duplicate our research as we only have limited funding and many research topics of interest in our industry. We aim to provide the maximum value to end users by engaging in more effective collaboration” Professor Deo Prasad, CEO, CRC for Low Carbon Living.

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World First Prototype Drilling Rig

The CRC for Deep Exploration Technologies (CRC DET), has recently revealed a word-first prototype Coiled Tubing Drill Rig (CT Rig). The Rig is much smaller and lighter than conventional drill rigs as it uses a continuous reel of steel tubing as opposed to drill rods.

DET CRC’s chief executive officer, Richard Hillis, said the CT Rig promises to significantly reduce the time and expense associated with drilling operations to find new mineral deposits.

“The launch of the prototype CT Rig comes at a vital time for the mining industry,” Hillis said. “More than ever, we need to find cost-effective methods of minerals exploration"

To read the article click here

Vision CEO receives Garland W. Clay Award

Professor Brien Holden, CEO of Brien Holden Vision Institute and the CEO of the Vision Cooperative Research Centre, has been named one of the Authors of the Garland W. Clay Award.

The award established in 1978, is presented to the authors or author of the manuscript published in Optometry and Vision Science that has been most widely cited in the world of scientific literature in the preceding five years.

For more information click here.

Cell Bank Survey

Cellbank Australia is a unique and critical piece of Australia's national research infrastructure - owned and operated by the Children's Medical Research Institute as a not-for-profit enterprise.

Cellbank is conducting a survey which aims to collect data on how cell lines have been used over the last 12 months and how that use might change over the next two years

To thank survey respondents for their time and input, all eligible participants who complete the promotion lottery entry form as part of their survey response, will have a chance to win a Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet 64GB with a Type Cover

The survey will be open until 17:01 AEST on Wednesday 4 December 2013.

To take the survey click here, for more information click here.

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25th - 28th November
World Congress on Railway Research
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4th December

Smart Services CRC Annual R&D Conference & Innovation Showcase

Our theme Co-creation and Innovation represents the nature of our $100 million opportunity to extend the CRC for 5 years and collaborate on projects that deliver value to the people and organisations involved, and the broader community.

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9th of December

CRC Showcase and Wound CRC Saving Our Skin

20th - 21st May 2014
Innovating with Asia

The Innovating with Asia 2014 Conference provides access to Australian innovation funding sources, a dynamic education program and people who are now creating real impact through research.

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