Happy 2018!

The start of 2018 has been intense, but, before we share details we want to share 3 urgent prayer requests that need breakthrough & God's favor.

The Salinger Family - Urgent prayer
We celebrate with the Salinger family, in the birth of their a new baby, BUT WE URGENTLY ASK YOU TO INTERCEDE WITH US ON THEIR BEHALF.  Baby Matan was rushed to ICU with a perforation in his lung and an air bubble moving toward his heart.  David shared his testimony in the Follow Messiah program of how he himself almost died as a baby and how His parents and church community prayed and God miraculously healed him. Today we see how God is using David so mightily at One for Israel, and now, in the same way his son is needing the same miracle.  

Here's a recent update from the David:
Stent insertion went well praise God. Not much air came out when they inserted it which was a little disappointing. They were hoping for more. Matan is stable and sleeping now praise God. They will soon do an x-ray to check the stent is located in the right location and check status of air pockets. The stent will keep releasing any air pockets in its location over next 24 hours. Another x-ray will be taken in next 12 hours to check if it improved Matan’s breathing.

Please pray for Matan:

-stent helps reduce air pockets in chest/heart area.
- Matan stays stable with stent
- Matan’s breathing improves 
- Puncture in left lung heals and closes
- for an overall healing turning point in a positive way for Matan
- no long term effects from his condition
- for his soul to be at peace in the midst of all this


The Hyde Family
We shared last month that when Ariel and Shayla were married, her application for citizenship was denied, and in the process of apealing the decision Ariels Citizenship to Israel has been scrutinized and is pending revocation.  The whole family has been powerhouse Evangelists in Israel and the decision of Ariel's citizenship will have Nationwide implications and set a strong precedent for future cases.  If the MOI wins the case, they could retroactively start repealing hundreds of Messianic Jews across the country using the same pretense. 

Please intercede with us that God's will would prevail and that HE would be glorified, and for strength and endurance for the Hyde family.  

Digital Harvest Launch
We also shared last month that the planned December launch was delayed.  We are waiting final preparations for the study guides and website. Greg will be flying to NYC to meet with the Chosen People Ministry team on strategy and finalizing the website structure and study guide questions.  He will be in NYC January 16-19. Please pray for Greg to have wisdom and clear communication, for unity in these meetings, and for the CPM team to complete all the loose ends to launch and avoid further delays.  We continue to hear about the ever increasing harvest of Jewish people coming to faith, please pray for this initiative as we launch in the next month.

Please intercede with us that this website would be completed quickly and that we would be able to get this curriculum into the hungry hands of new believers.  And pray for Greg's trip to NYC and meetings with our partners at CPM.
Personal Trials
On Christmas Day while we were all in Oregon visiting Greg's brother and his 6 beautiful children the truck which Greg parent's gave to us was vandalized in the parking near the airport in Dallas.  While Greg's dad handled the insurance calls we didn't know the extent of the damage until we flew in 8 days later.  The casing of the steering column is completely broken off, the ignition housing was sheered off, the rear drivers side passenger window smashed in (thankfully no mildew damage in spite of the rain), and the rear 3rd row seats stolen, and the back hatch broken.  Fortunately something scared them off from completing the job of stealing the truck, and they left the car-seats! The biggest miracle is that our vehicle was not covered for towing which would cost an arm and a leg, BUT Greg was able to maneuver the remaining pins of the ignition to start the engine! So he was able to drive back to Tyler to get the family home and then to drop it off in Longview for repairs. The miraculous part is that when Greg arrived to the mechanic, and went to show him how to rig the key to turn, the pins of the ignition “dropped” and sprung closed so there was no longer any way to start or drive the vehicle! But the great news is it was exactly where it needed to be!  We believe G-d had our angels working overtime to get us home!

We also simultaneously were afflicted with allergies and ear infections.  Two weeks later we are still dealing with the repairs and insurance (mostly Greg's dad is handling it all #sothankful!!!) and Judah's ear infection despite being on antibiotics has flared up once again, and he is suffering with pain and fever.

We also simultaneously were afflicted with allergies and ear infections.  Two weeks later we are still dealing with the repairs and insurance (mostly Greg's dad is handling it all #sothankful!!!) and Judah's ear infection despite being on antibiotics has flared up once again, and he is suffering with pain and fever.

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And let us know if you would like to commit to partnering with us financially in 2018.  Even a commitment of $25 a month can help us reach our fundraising goals.  At the start of 2018 we are $1500 short of our monthly personal pledged goals not to mention the Digital Harvest financial needs.  Financially, our ministry account is currently at $2989, in spite of skipping our family stipend of $3500/month for the last 2 months.  
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Help Us BetaTest
We would like to invite you to preview the "first drafts" and BetaTest the curriculum.  Please keep in mind that this is the first draft and we still need to complete audio sweetening and color grading as well as tightening some of the edits and pacing.   Feel free to send us your feedback and any spelling mistakes that you find.  (Please include the time into the episode with the correction if you find any errors.)  All of our episodes so far are uploaded onto our YouTube channel in the link here.  We have a few more episodes uploading soon.
We’re hoping to launch in January with the full site.  Pray for our team as we’re completing the final steps working with web developers to complete the website, and writing the discussion and study questions for the curriculum.   Also keep praying for our partners at One for Israel as they finalize the Hebrew translations of the teachings.   We’ve completed all of the basic Hebrew translations and we’re now in the review process, getting notes and feedback from pastors in Israel, and tailoring the script for the Israeli Audience.  
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