“A free and truly independent press — fiercely independent when necessary — is the red beating heart of freedom and democracy.”

—Dan Rather

Tell your story this Student Press Freedom Day!

Submit a video telling us how you've practiced journalism against the odds. As a student journalist, you are no doubt a gifted storyteller. You understand how to hone in on an issue, gather the facts, and present them in a compelling narrative to your audience. We know you may be more comfortable telling other peoples’ stories than your own. But make no mistake: your personal story matters! That’s why, as we near Student Press Freedom Day 2021: Journalism Against the Odds on Feb. 26th, we’re issuing a call for student journalist testimonials.

Please consider creating a short video responding to this question:

How did you show up for student journalism over the past year, and what were the odds you were fighting against?

Now more than ever, it’s important to share your story as a student journalist with the world, in order to create a broader, nationwide conversation about student press freedom and ensure you can perform your essential job without censorship or undue interference. 

We want to lift up your voice and share it with the world! When you post your video to TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, or any social media platform, if you use the hashtag #StudentPressFreedom, we can amplify your testimonial and showcase your video clip on the Student Press Freedom Day website.

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Now available: Student Press Freedom Day images 

You'll find options sized for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and more. Download and use these images in your social media posts, emails, website and op-eds about Student Press Freedom Day. 
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Don’t forget these other important opportunities for Student Press Freedom Day:

  • Watch the Op-Ed Boot Camp and write an op-ed: Last week SPLC convened an op-ed “boot camp” with veteran CNN and New York Times journalist Steven A. Holmes. Watch it here. Then, consider writing an op-ed in support of student press freedom for your local newspaper. We’ve got lots of tools to help you! 
  • Join the Student Journalism Forum on Thursday, Feb. 25th at 8 p.m. ET: Join student journalists from across the country for a town hall conversation on what student press freedom means to you, what you overcame in the past year, and what you can do to strengthen student press freedom moving forward. Sign up for the Student Journalist Forum here
  • Participate in the Press Briefing and use it in your coverage: Write a story for your student paper about the current climate for student press freedom. Join us Feb. 17th, Wednesday, 11:00 a.m. ET for a press briefing with Q&A on the censorship and intimidation student journalists are facing. Sign up here
  • Check out other ways to take action: including fighting back against budget cuts, joining the New Voices movement in your state, and responding to censorship. Take action now.

This week’s sample social media: 

On Thurs Feb 25 @ 8PM ET, join student journalists from across the country for a town hall conversation on what #StudentPressFreedom means to you, what you overcame this past year & how we can strengthen student press freedom moving forward. Sign up here:

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Announcing a new white paper on why #StudentPressFreedom matters! Join us Wed Feb 17 @11 AM ET for a press briefing on the censorship & intimidation student journalists are facing and the incredible work they are doing against the odds. Sign up here: 

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