Welcome to our Mary Kay family!

Congratulations and WELCOME to our Mary Kay Family!

Hi fabulous *|FNAME|*!

Welcome to our Mary Kay family!  I wanted to send you this email before your starter kit arrives, so you can get started on your FIRST STEPS!  Your homework is in RED towards the bottom of the email.

We usually set up a time to chat within the first 48 hours of joining.  What time of day is best for you and is tomorrow better or the following day?  You can reply to this email or text Michelle at 860-463-5843.  Looking forward to chatting with you! 
Welcome to our Dream Makers Unit! You are a part of one of the fastest growing units in the country! We are an elite unit ranked in the top 100 out of 36,000 units.  So if you were curious if we are an awesome unit, now you know.  Yes!! You are part of THE BEST and we are committed to giving you the best training, the best tips and the best events so you can absolutely achieve your wildest dreams life through this amazing opportunity.  Hold onto your seats because Mary Kay can pay for colleges, second homes and trips around the world...

As your sales director, I am so excited to be able to mentor and train you in Mary Kay and my phone is always open for YOU.  Text me anytime even at 3am...don't worry, you won't wake me.  My ringer is off at 3am.  860-463-5843.  If you are on my Mary Kay team, you are like family.  So welcome to the family.  We may even give you a nickname to make it more legit. ;)

Whether you have joined the company to begin a rewarding, profitable career or simply for personal growth and to make new friends, I am here to help you achieve all your goals. Please know that I will match my time with your effort, so feel free to call me with questions and concerns. I take your success incredibly seriously!  
Here is your CONSULANT NUMBER...the most important number EVER! 
Your Consultant Number:

You'll need it frequently to log into so definitely save it in your phone forever.  If for some reason you lose it, you can call Mary Kay at 1-800-272-9333.  They are there to support you with any questions about order status, technical support, legal questions, etc.

One of the reasons our company is so successful is that it is based on the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  

The other is that our priorities are: Faith first, Family second, and Career third.

In this order everything works. Out of this order nothing works. I truly believe this. If you put these two philosophies into practice, your business will be a success.

Here are a few more tips for your success:
  1. Let's Get Connected:  Send me (Michelle Cunningham) a text right now with your full name & email and mention you are completing step 1!  860-463-5843  This will add you to my phone so we can be connected!
  2. Join VOXER our team Walkie Talkie App. It's a great way for us to chat really fast via Walkie Talkie.  It's a free app.  Once you join, you can add me at mcunn and send me a message, so we are connected!  This will allow you to talk to me ANYTIME without us having to set up times to chat by phone.  If you hit any hiccups, text me to let me know and I will find you on there! 
    1. Also, after joining Voxer, you can click on these two links to join the two groups that I use to send messages out to our entire team.  This link below is for the DO LIFE BIG Area Chat for our entire area of 600 consultants:
    2. If you are a local OHIO Area Consultant, you can also join this group for information on our local Ohio Events we host:
  3. If you are out of state and would like to attend our trainings virtually, let me know!  I am at the studio 7 times during the week and we can broadcast LIVE anytime for YOU to watch on playback or LIVE.
  4. Attend your weekly training meetings.  If you are out of state, email me back and I'll find you a local training meeting.  To Access all of our training events and register, click this link.
  5. Facebook friend me by searching -   Send me a message on Facebook asking to be added to our Facebook Pages.  I'll send you the links!  We have a family page where you can ask questions, share your successes and cheer for other Mary Kay consultants in our unit.  Everyone is ultra positive and uplifting in our unit.  We nicknamed ourselves the "Drama Free Sorority".  
  6. Surround yourself with positive books, tapes, and people. There you will get the training and motivation to “keep on keeping’ on.”
  7. Call the five minute Million Dollar Hotline everyday: 641.715.3900 X - 44336#   I ALWAYS listen while I put on my makeup in the morning.
  8. Smile, Smile, Smile!  Happy people attract happy people.  And log into and enter your consultant number *|MMERGE3|*.  Don't enter a password and proceed to the next page that has you set up a password.
  9. Create a CONTACT LIST with EVERY one you know with skin! This should include their name, email and phone number. Be sure to get with your director to set up you Business Debut or first Party right after your first assignment.
  10. Get into your Starter Kit and try everything. It's the best way to learn the products and your clients will love that you use and recommend all the Mary Kay products.  It's kind of hard to sell Mary Kay when you are wearing your "other brand" lipstick. :)
  11. Dare yourself to scare yourself. Comfort zones never help you live and work as comfortably as stretching. The reason our unit is so successful is we challenge each other to do more.  Successful women feel the fear and do it anyway. 
  12. Be consistent whatever your goals may be. Consistency is KEY to this business.
  13. Dress for success at every Mary Kay function.  We only wear a skirt or dress. Your professional image is important because your title is now "Beauty Consultant".
  14. Positive Attitude will take you anywhere you want to go in this world. “If you think you can, you can.  If you think you can't, you're right." 
  15. On our UNIT Website for our team, you will find TONS of videos I have created for YOUR SUCCESS. Your secret password is thetop.  Here is the link:  You can get started on your new consultant training RIGHT AWAY by clicking Training.  Password is thetop.  Then click on New Consultants to watch your first steps videos!  Message me once you have watched your first videos for your free gift :) And we will work together to book your first appointments...that's my favorite thing to do to get your business rocking.
I am going to love working with you and when we talk I can't wait to hear why you joined, what you are most excited about and what your wildest dream for your life is in the next year with your Mary Kay business.  When we dream big, big dreams do come true! 

YOU can do anything you set your mind to.  Vision backed by activity always equals results. I recommend googling Mary Kay Seminar 2018 to see the amazing promo video of what Mary Kay can do for your life!!
Looking forward to chatting about your future and your dreams for this opportunity.  Dream SO BIG because it can all come true!! You are part of a National Area in the making and it's an ULTRA exciting time!

With respect and belief,

Michelle Cunningham
Executive Senior Pink Cadillac Sales Director

Mary Kay

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