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August 2016 Newsletter

Meet Nicole Veile!

Nicole Veile and RiverWe had the pleasure of meeting Nicole Veile back in Fall 2014 when she was a volunteer at the St. Louis County Pet Adoption Center in Overland, MO.  She had called asking to pay out of her own pocket for private lessons so she could teach the dogs at the shelter better manners and they could find, and stay in, their forever homes more successfully.

Nicole was a wonderful natural trainer and picked up clicker training concepts very quickly. Fast forward to February 2016 when obedience class started at Petsway. We knew exactly who to ask to assistant with class, and Voila!, she accepted. Meet Nicole and you’ll see, too, why The Persuaded Pooch is so proud to have her as our Assistant Trainer!

How did you get your start in dog training?
Reward based training was introduced to me with a variety of different animals during an internship at a zoo. That is where my education and skill for training developed. Eventually I started working and volunteering at animal shelters and rescue groups where dog training became a passion.

What do you find most enjoyable about training dogs?
I enjoy so many things about training dogs! However, I absolutely love watching the progress made as owners and dogs learn together. This, to me, has always been a joy and a rewarding feeling. Read more...

Dog Walking Tips

dog walking tipsThe summer months are the perfect time for both you and your dog to get some exercise! The extended daylight hours just beg for you to get out to the local parks and on the trail with your dog. But before you hit the parks and trails, just remember these dog walking tips to make your trip both enjoyable and safe.

  1. Bring water for your dog – Although most parks are very dog-friendly and do provide drinking fountains (and even doggy-height drinking fountains), be sure to bring your own water and water receptacle for your dog. There are many portable options including collapsible bowls and water bottle/bowl kits. Dogs can become dangerously dehydrated and you don’t want to be caught without water.
  1. Be aware of other dogs – Just because a dog is out in public, don’t assume that they are friendly. Some park trails are very narrow and sometimes interaction is difficult to avoid. Nevertheless, never let your dog interact with another strange dog, unless you and the other owner are both agreeable to it. If you have reservations about a strange dog (or if you have reservations about your own dog) then keep things moving. It’s not worth risking a nice day in the park to have less-than-pleasant interactions. So when in doubt, move over to the side of the trail until the other dog can pass. Read more...
Look for the "St. Louis Doggie Dispatch" around town!

New this summer, we've collaborated with Lucy Bailey and Come Click! dog training to bring you a newsletter filled with tips, tools and fun facts for dog owners and lovers. Pick up this FREE newsletter at locations around town like:
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...and more locations coming in the fall!

Product Review: Vaun Duffy Treat Pouch

We were introduced to this versatile little treat pouch by a dog training client who was tired of carrying a plastic baggie of chicken, then clicker, her phone, a collapsible water bowl, poop bags… and then some. After some online research, she arrived to her next training session with this intriguing little Vaun Duffy treat pouch.
(The name sounded a bit upscale for a treat pouch… So after some research of our own, turns out there is a Vaughn Duffy wine company, too, but spelled with an “h.” Yet another point of intrigue.)
Some features of this treat pouch include:

  • 3 options to wear it – clipped on your pants, belted around your waist or over your shoulder, like a purse
  • The pouch itself is made of a very sturdy, woven nylon
  • Mesh pocket in the front for holding a tennis ball, a clicker, car keys, or also could be used for separating your lower-value dry treats from higher value treats
  • A zippered pocket in the front – perfect for holding a cell phone; it’s also rubberized on the front inside of this pocket to encourage a good grip its contents
  • A nice, sturdy liner inside to hold your treats – made of a slick nylon so it’s easily cleaned
  •  A discreet zippered poop bag pocket and dispenser in the back – freeing your leash from that clunky plastic poop bag holder

Community Feature: 2016 St. Louis Canine Games

Co- founded by the Spirit of St. Louis Samoyed Club and St. Louis Samoyed Rescue in 1996, the St. Louis Canine Games are hosted at Purina Farms at Gray Summit. What originated years ago as a club outing for members has become a wonderful experience for people and their dogs from all over the Midwest.

Proposed Events include: Agility, Flyball, Lure Coursing, Race the Wind, Harness Events, Flying Disc, Rally-Obedience, K9 Nosework and Barn Hunt and CGC testing. No previous experience is needed and costs only $5 per activity to try!

What a wonderful way to try new activities with your dog! Click here for the official flyer.


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