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Dear tram and train fans,

So many things going on at the Tramfabriek (again). Before we get on with it, first I like to inform you about exciting news coming next. There is a complete new range that will be added to the collection of which the stock already arrived at the Tramfabriek, there will be a very interesting new crowdfunding campaign for anyone modelling small trains (Z, N, H0e, H0m etc) and I've placed an order for a complete new size coreless motor. The hottest news will be first announced on the Tramfabriek Facebook page and will collectively follow in a newsletter (when I get time to breath again).

- Update steam locomotive HTM 8 'Ooievaar'
- Smart Screen
- Motorupgrade Bemo V51/V52
- Motorupgrade Kato 11-103 and 11-104
- New speakers
- Product highlight: Ultra thin wire

HTM 8 Ooievaar update

Because of all the other things I do to make a living, progress on the Ooievaar is slow. But steady. When making corrections, I have to fill up an A4 sheet for etching to see the result, as this is outsourced. But I'm looking forward, just as much as you, to this new model. I am now dedicated to include a Powerpack on all digital models, as I found out that ESU is making a "Mini" version and that should be able to fit. Already for three years, but they did not tell me...

Skiptram will be selling a suitable carriage for tram. You can read more about it on his website, which includes nice pictures of the original.

Smart Screen by Tech-Train

The British company Tech-Train has made something really awesome: Smart Screen is a real working, tiny animated screen in miniature which you can customise with your own messages in for example Dutch, German, French or all other languages using the same characters to really bring your layout to life! You only need to connect 2 wires to DC or DCC power to make it work.

The Smart Screen can display 10 screens which can be triggered by a range of different inputs including switches, DCC commands and track sensors which can be used to show a different screen as a train passes over it.... For example: “Platform 1: MyTown”, then change to “Train arriving” or the text “Train delayed” can scroll through the display, etc.

The clock can be static, but you can just as well choose to display a real working clock.

You can see a small movie with the Smart Screen in action, as well as more information and to purchase it at the Tramfabriek website:
Check out Smart Screen

12V Coreless motor upgrades

There are two new upgrade kits available that I like to highlight and a third one following in the coming week.

The first one is for the Bemo V51 (H0e) and V52 (H0m), featuring above in the diorama 'Devil's Hill'. In contrast to another company who makes an upgrade kit for this model, you don't need to do any milling. Just simply replace the motor and the gears. Because of the smaller size of the motor, even including the casing, there is place on each side for a decoder. I imagine DCC on one side, Uhlenbrock SUSI sounddecoder on the other side and a speaker on top!

Last week, I released a kit for the Kato 11-103 and 11-104. I made a video of the motor, so you can compare the difference in sound it makes. Besides the even better driving qualities, it should not be forgotten that the 12V coreless motors consume much less power than a five core motor. A customer made two video's to proof it: here is the original motor for a Roco N gauge model, here is the same model with a Tramfabriek motor. The wooden box in the middle of the track shows the impressive difference in power consumption. Thanks to Michael Peters for the videos.

All upgrade kits can be found here:
Check out Upgrade Kits

Sugar cube speaker

The most popular speaker is one that is also known as "Sugar cube". It measures 11x15x3.5 mm and I have this speaker in stock now. It is available with solder points, as seen on the right picture, or with springs. Later this month I will also have a thinner version, measuring 2.5 mm, but still the same amount of umph. For the same price you get elsewhere only one resonator box, at the Tramfabriek you get two, so you can try what fits best. If you would like to have a square resonator box to your specifications, email me with the measurements and I'll make it for you as a service, without any additional cost.

You can see and buy the available speakers here:
Check out Speakers

Ultra thin wire

I like to highlight again a product that mainly sells at events, but not over the Internet. And that is a pity, as it is an exceptionally useful and extremely good product which I personally use all the time. This wire is thinner than you are used to. With its five internal wires, it is very flexible, easy to solder and works with you when you are trying to push all cables inside the small space.
The wire might seem expensive if you compare it with other brands, but it's not wire you use on layouts. The 10 meters will last a while when it is used for its main reason to live: inside model trains. Speaking about comparing: At a model train event recently, I saw two meter of similar thin wire for the same price as you get five times the length at the Tramfabriek. Do I need to convince you more? 😁

All DCC colours are available and you can get it at:
Check out Ultra Thin Wires
That's it for now. Hopefully you found this newsletter informing. If you have any question, as usual, please don't hesitate to contact me!

Best regards,
Sven van der Hart
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