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Thank you for your support these past weeks as we shared with you our work in Sudan.

As you may have heard, Mareim Ibrahim, the young mother, sentenced to death by a Sudanese court for her refusal to renounce her Christian faith, was released today along with her 19-month old son, Martin, and four-week old daughter, Maya, who was delivered in prison.  They are now living in an undisclosed location until they can leave the country safely.  (See photo below taken after her release earlier today.)
Mariem’s courage and faith has been an inspiration to the whole world.  Since the secession of South Sudan in mid-2011, President Bashir has called for a new constitution, but at the same time has threatened to enforce strict shari'a law on everyone.  The 2005 interim constitution protects religious freedom, but criminal laws remain, such as the apostasy law that was used to convict Mariem to a death sentence.

This young woman courageously called President Bashir's bluff and forced the Sudanese government to recognize her religious freedom.  

According to Al-Sharif, one of her lawyers, “Mariem’s strong personality forced the Sudanese judiciary to respect religious freedom.”
It’s because of your support that Hardwired was able to work toward Mariem’s release and toward greater freedom in all of Sudan.  

Now, you may be wondering, what’s next?
  • The apostasy law remains a threat to many others, such as Faiza Abdalla – and we intend to get them support and legal aid to challenge this law.
  • Sudan's youth are ready to defend religious freedom, but they need training.  We will help them build greater public support for this right and change the laws that violate it.
  • As other cases arise, we will be prepared to respond by establishing a legal aid clinic that provides assistance to anyone facing religious oppression.
  • Christians and others facing religious oppression need to know their rights and how to respond when attacked. We will help them by providing the legal resources they need to defend their rights and have broader support. 
Ongoing change in Sudan will only result from training the next generation, which will require a long-term commitment.  The cost to put one person through our training program is $120; the impact this one life will have on others is priceless.

We have already trained 35 young leaders this year – which is why youth were prepared to mobilize in support of Mariem at her trial and since.  We are training 25 – 35 youth every couple of months and you can help us send someone through this life-changing program. 
We want to have a long-term impact in Sudan so future generations can experience the freedom we take for granted.  What we are doing is about more than rescuing one woman – it is about bringing true freedom to an entire nation suffering under religious oppression by mobilizing the people to change the laws. 
We are mentoring lawyers and pastors and providing expert legal advice through a legal aid clinic offering help to those in immediate need. 

There are others being arrested for apostasy, and throughout Sudan people are facing growing attacks on their faith. Christians are being stripped of their citizenship and their churches are being bull-dozed by the government. We must act now to help the Sudanese people be prepared for these attacks.

It will cost $1,500 a month to run this legal aid clinic and ensure that cases like Mariem’s do not escalate to a death sentence.

To learn more about our work in Sudan, see our latest report.
Will you please consider how you can partner with us to continue this important work, so that the people of Sudan may someday know what it is like to live in safety, in a country that ensures religious freedom and the free exchange of ideas. 


Tell others what YOU DID to help #SAVE MARIEM today!

FIRST – You enabled Hardwired to be on the ground, training local lawyers and advocates, religious communities, students, and journalists to defend religious freedom – even for people of other faiths – who were able to move swiftly into action when the case arose.  Our partners on the ground helped her lawyers prepare a defense, protested at her trial, and galvanized support throughout civil society. 

Unlike other countries where apostates received public support for the death sentence, this is how Sudan's top Islamic leadership are responding:

“we learned that one strong person can challenge a country and put it in a critical situation.” – Satia Al-Haj, Secretary General of Al-Naseri Party
the conviction of Mariem took us back to a time worse than that of the Taliban.” – Kamal Omer, Political Secretary of the Popular Congress Party 
if we are to sentence people for apostasy, we would find ourselves in a society full of hypocrites.” – Professor Hassan Makki, Al Mostagilla 
SECOND – You enabled Hardwired to get the message out about Mariem to journalists around the world, arranging primetime interviews for her husband to speak out.  You shared our updates on these stories and called for her release, and the world listened and responded. (Click for our exclusive interview with Fox News.)
“It’s like an incident out of the Dark Ages,” Amnesty International
“Barbaric,” stated British Prime Minister, David Cameron
 “A brutal and sickening distortion of faith,” Former Prime Minister, Tony Blair
“Mariem Ibrahim’s death sentence is abhorrent,” Hillary Clinton
FINALLY – You stood with her legal team, the five Muslims risking their lives amidst death threats for a woman declared an apostate under the state’s interpretation of their religious law, as they challenged the inhumane apostasy and adultery laws

Your support for this broad coalition evoked responses from Muslims throughout Sudan in her support.  This is the key to bringing long-term sustainable change to Sudan where no one is safe until the law recognizes the religious freedom of all.
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Will you consider a monthly recurring contribution of $10 or a one-time contribution of $120 to sponsor one of Sudan’s next generation of leaders to attend our training?
Will you consider a donation to support the launch of our legal aid clinic in Sudan that will continue to provide assistance to those facing religious oppression like Mariem?
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