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Where is your SoleTeddy going?

We are starting the New Year with a contest to find out where all these adopted SoleTeddies, Solemen’s mascot and angel of HOPE, are ending up. We assume they travel as much and as far as our Solemen friends do and that sparked our imagination. So we thought we’d include a lighthearted touch to this latest newsletter by creating a contest among our Solemen supporters. We’d like you to share a photo of your adopted SoleTeddy in the most creative environment or surroundings you can think of. You can dress the Teddy up or down as you please, use props or anything that sparks your fancy. The most impressive-creative SoleTeddy photo will be rewarded with your choice of our famous Solemen #WhoGivesABuck Cap or another SoleTeddy. Please post your photos on our Facebook page or send your photos to with a note of your preferred gift.

Robert Epstone & The Team

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Solebuddy Updates  



12 year old Gina who suffers from Hydrocephalus has been in a critical, life-threatening condition. She developed a brain infection which required emergency surgery and has been an inpatient throughout the month of January. Due to enforced bed rest she was at high risk of pressure sores and was developing red areas. We bought a pressure relieving mattress which contributed greatly to her comfort.  Thankfully now she is improving and trying to interact again. Gina is currently cared for by a neurologist, a physio specialist and a nutritionist at Sanglah Hospital.

Kadek Dwi


A full assessment at Sanglah Cardiology revealed a heart defect and the need for Cardiac catheterisation. This diagnosis was confirmed by Dr Eka, a Paediatric Cardiac surgeon at Prima Medika. Sadly there is a long waiting list for this type of procedure. 



Komang Rianka


Komang is a one and a half year old little boy with a very severe heart condition. He underwent cardiac catheterization and recovered well but will require more complex cardiac surgery in the near future.  His parents are understandably terrified.



Komang Andika


Despite multiple health issues 14 year old Komang has an amazing zest for life. He recently developed a malignant eye tumor and underwent surgery to remove the affected eye. In addition, this brave teenager needs kidney dialysis 3 times per week. Despite his condition, he can still loves to joke. We wish him a speedy recovery and once healed we will partner with John Fawcett Foundation to fit a prosthetic eye if it is found to be a suitable treatment. 

Komang Gita 


Due to his skin condition, Harlequin Ichthyosis, Solemen had a bathroom built and all supplies delivered to equip it. He needs to soak 3 times per day in a Bicarbonate of soda infused water, scrub his skin and then apply creams.

I Ketut Topi Sujana


Pak Topi attended Sanglah for an assessment and was immediately admitted due to a dangerously low hemoglobin count. He has also been diagnosed as having Penile Cancer. He has been an inpatient also for most of January and has endured a barrage of tests after eight units of blood were transfused over several days. Thanks to the generosity of blood donors responding to our appeal on Facebook Pak Topi is now receiving more blood before commencing chemotherapy. 

I Made Adi


6 year old Made Adi suffers from Haemophilia. He was recently admitted for a blood transfusion at Sanglah. He then went to Surabaya accompanied by an outreach team member and his parents for blood tests to confirm Haemophilia type and to decide on the appropriate treatment. His parents are very grateful inasmuch as his older brother has already died due to the same condition. Our urgent appeal on Facebook asking for donations for flights and accommodation was generously responded to by our caring Solemen supporters, for which we are eternally grateful. 

Wayan Suriadi


After consultations with all the Orthopaedic specialists at Sanglah who advised on treatment, Wayan will at last undergo surgery for his contracted hand. His family are very relieved to see some much needed clarity so they can move forward.



Joisa Velent Permata 


This 2-year old girl with Hydrocephalus was being helped by another Yayasan but the treatment stopped inexplicably when she turned 2. Solemen has now taking over her care. She is malnourished and very delayed developmentally. She needs to continue physiotherapy, regular checkups and Solemen will also provide Pediasure to help with nutrition. Joisa’s family are delighted we are going to assist their little girl.


Pak Nengah


The paraplegic patient, whose previously developed pressure sore is almost healed, has now sadly developed an abscess to his chest. He will need to re-attend Sanglah for further treatment.



We are happy to report that Lenia, the multiple skin graft burn patient, is doing very well on the road to recovery.  She is resting comfortably at home and we are wishing her a continued successful recuperation.


Pak Nyoman Conti        


Pak Nyoman has been diagnosed with mental health issues and was recently seen by psychiatrist Dr. Rai, who administered an injection.  The outreach team reported that he was slightly improved a few days later; he appeared brighter and more alert and chatted a little.




Dandi,12 years old, is the son of Ibu Astiti from the Patas fishing community. Ibu had a stroke several years ago and her fervent wish is that her son finishes his education. Dandi is now sponsored for school and reportedly doing well.





12 years old Samsia, suffering from Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy. She lives on the Waribang recycling site in Denpasar. She was fitted with a wheelchair and is looking well. 

Komang Supartini


We are so happy to announce that Komang was finally discharged from the burns unit after a multiple skin graft ordeal.  She now needs to go to the plastic surgery clinic twice a week for dressing changes.  Komang has moved into her brother’s kos room and since there are no kitchen facilities Solemen provided a fridge and cooking stove for their comfort.

Ni Ketut Saputri Dewi 


4-year old Dewi has Hydrocephalus and sadly was involved in a road trip accident. When the bus she was travelling in was hit from behind she sustained a head wound which required suturing. She now needs to attend Sanglah for a much needed neuro check.


Dewa Ayu Anom


Ibu Dewa succumbed to inoperable skin cancer on January 6th. She had been unwell for a few weeks and was visited more regularly by the Solemen outreach team. She so looked forward to our visits. Rest in peace, Ibu. Gone but never forgotten.

New Solebuddies 

Pak Rodi


This 60 year old man has suspected skin cancer to his foot.  He already attended Sanglah and underwent X-rays, USG, ECG and blood tests as well as several consultations with specialist doctors. Sadly he insisted on returning to his village before a biopsy could be performed. We hope he will re-engage soon so we can help him with future treatment.

Ni Nyoman Erika


Ni Nyoman is a 10 year old little girl with Hydrocephalus. She has had a shunt (a hole or a small passage which allows fluid to move from one part of the body to another) since a baby but has not been back for a checkup for several years. She copes well, attends school, has many friends and enjoys to dance.  We plan to take her to see Dr. Golden at Kasih Ibu for a checkup.

Gede Putra


Gede is a 13 year old severely impaired boy.  He was fit and healthy in his first year, and then developed Meningitis. He will undergo an assessment at Sanglah once the paperwork is sorted. In the meantime, he was fitted with a wheelchair. 

An unknown lady with mental health problems was reported to be wandering the streets of Legian in a very distressed state. The outreach team found her and she sat quietly with us and ate some food. We spoke to local shops who said she had been there for several months and nobody knew who she was. We liaised with Dinas Social (Social Services) and she is now receiving much needed medical and psychiatric evaluation.

Ibu Nengah Rai


Ibu Nengah has a fungating carcinoma (ulcerating tumor) of her breast. She is absolutely terrified and the outreach team is currently trying to gain her trust so we can take her to see a specialist. We linked her up with the Bali Pink Ribbon group to provide additional support.

Other Solemen News

Launch of Bali Dynasty car 

Commemorating its one year milestone engagement with Solemen Indonesia, Bali Dynasty Resort continues to actively give more to the community by providing a courtesy car for the Solemen Outreach Team. The car will be used to transport the needy and their families from the remote areas around Bali to the main hospital in Denpasar for treatment or diagnosis. The car is going to be a massive help to Solemen’s Outreach Programme which has now expanded to caring for over 900 “SoleBuddies” around the island.

Solemen is immensely grateful to our dynamite partner and benefactor whose ongoing sponsorship of 5 SoleBuddies and other CSR activities benefitting our charity is a stellar example of community service. 

Welcome to our new Solemen CSR Partner

The Royal Tulip Saranam Resort & Spa, a 5-star luxury villa and yoga retreat in the Bedugul area has joined our $per stay partnership.   CSR programs, especially those focusing on charitable and philanthropic engagement with the community in which they operate, are gaining popularity and are becoming an important part of a hotel's "doing well by doing good" business strategy. Guests contributing through a voluntary opt-out $1 per stay donation feel good that such funds will create social and health benefits for the community and are happy to reward companies that give back with both respect and patronage.  

The $per stay and $per night initiatives of the hotels that are in partnership with Solemen are an awesome inspiration and stunning role models for other hotels to follow as well as benefitting by useful PR and appreciation from guests.

'AUSTRALIA DAY' was fittingly celebrated on 26 January with a sponsored all day and evening charity event at James Cook Sports Bar in Kerobokan. Funds will go towards Solemen’s sanitation project providing toilet and shower facilities for 26 villagers in a poor fishing village in Buleleng.

January 26 is the anniversary of the arrival of the First Fleet of 11 convict ships from Great Britain and the raising of the Union Jack at Sydney Cove in 1788. New citizens called themselves Australians for the first time on 26 January after being conferred citizenship.

A special thanks to James Cook Sports Bar for hosting this event and supporting Solemen's work for the disadvantaged in Bali.

Solemen goes VR – Stay tuned

A young entrepreneur from California who has funded a groundbreaking virtual reality camera came to Bali with two camera crew members and filmed the Outreach Team in action while doing a goods and clothing drop at Waribung waste separation village and visiting two of our SoleBuddy families in Renon and Sanur. Watch this space for some remarkable footage coming soon. The footage will be linked to an App to connect Solemen and other handpicked charities around the world directly to donors searching for worthwhile causes.


The Solemen fundraising initiative “Solemates for Solemen” partnering popular cafes, restaurants and local businesses has become very popular and successful.  

For a minimum monthly donation of Rp 5m automatic monthly debit supporters can Make A Difference by joining the club and becoming a Solemate for Solemen. In return, we offer an exclusive sticker for them to place for their customers to see they are part of this club. We will also place their logo among their peers with a link on our website and be sure to promote club members wherever and whenever possible.

The following establishments proudly display the Solemate for Solemen sticker: Bridges restaurant, UbudThe Canggu Club, Watercress Kerobokan and Ubud, Milk & Madu Canggu, Shop Love Child Canggu, and Frankensteins Seminyak

Individuals can also buy their very own I SUPPORT SOLEMEN stickers for their laptop, car or bike for just Rp 50k and know they have also made a difference with their small contribution.

First 'Solemate for Solemen' bike stickers seen at Santai Salon & Spa, Jl Umalas Lestari 5, where you can purchase Solemen's SoleTeddies, wristbands, bracelets, Moringa capsules, My Offering gift books, Gift Cards, HOPE t-shirts, #WHOGIVESABUCK singlets. The #WGAB caps have sold out however replenishment stocks on their way.


Many of our supporters have been asking re-drop off points:
Canggu Club
JL Pantai Berawa
Tibubeneng, Canggu
Open : 6AM - 10PM
Phone : +62 (361) 848 3939

Manik Hair, Seminyak
JL Raya Seminyak, No. 16 C
Seminyak, Kuta
Open : 10AM - 7PM
Phone : +62 851 0082 1611

Sunset Vet Kuta 
JL Nakula, Nakula Plaza Block C
Legian, Kuta
Open : 24 hours
Phone : +62 (361) 754881

Goddess on the Go
Jl. Raya Pengosekan
Ubud, Gianyar
Open : 9AM - 8PM
Phone :+62 (361) 976 084

Goddess on the Go
Jl. Danau Tamblingan, 
Open : 9AM - 9PM
Phone :(0361) 270174

Paradise Property
JL Bypass Ngurah Rai No.63x
Benoa (perempatan Siligita)
Open : 9AM - 5PM
Phone : +62 812 3720 6220

Bali Dynasty Resort Hotel
JL Kartika, Kuta
Open : 24 hours
Phone : 0361-752403

Poco Loco
Jl Padma Utara, Legian 
(opposite Ossotel and Romeos, near Jayakarta) 
10% discount on food if you're doing a drop-off
quote 'Solemen'
Phone : 0361 756079

Goodies That Give Back

Rp 150.000
Solemen #WHOGIVESABUCK Singlets 

Rp 150.000

Rp 150.000
Solemen T-shirts 

Rp 150.000
Solemen Moringa

Rp 100.000
Solemen Wristbands

Rp 30.000
Solemen Bracelets

Rp 50.000
Virgin Coconut Oil

Rp 125.000

More news from Solemen

Please contact Augustine on 0812 3720 6220 who will be happy to assist you.  Delivery is available (at purchasers own cost) currently within Bali only. We will be expanding this very soon.

Proceeds from our merchandise sales go directly to helping the disadvantaged in Bali.

Our Soleteddies are being photographed all over the world as they travel with their new human playmates. Please adopt one so you can join in the fun.

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If you would like one of our donation boxes please contact Christian in our office for more information.
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