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Hi <<First Name>>

Trigger warning.

Life definitely knows how to throw curve balls and strike you out. I just found out yesterday, Saturday the 09th October that one of my cousins and her partner were killed. I’m not too sure how I am feeling right now. We weren’t that close but she was still family. I guess I’m a bit numb to it emotionally but I have a headache right now so maybe my body is feeling the toil.

This is not how I intended to start my first newsletter after months of no content but this is real life and s**t happens. You have to learn to deal with life’s curve balls or get overwhelmed and frustrated.

Anyway on to more pleasant topics.

Life Update

Life has been very busy for these past few months as I take on more and more roles and responsibilities. It’s like I can’t just sit and do nothing or stay on one thing at a time. I am like the hummingbird moving from flower to flower, wings flapping quickly to keep me afloat. Do you ever feel like that?

As a multi-passionate woman with a lot of interests life can definitely get overwhelming if you don’t organise your activities. As such it is important to take an audit of your life on a fairly regular basis to ensure that you are not forgetting anything important in the chaos.

When you feel like life is getting overwhelming it is time to pause, breath and evaluate. At this point in my life I can say that I have been doing that a lot more lately as I try to adjust to my ever hectic lifestyle.

Hummingbird - flower to flower

Tips for Balancing a Hectic Schedule

  • Stop. When you are feeling overwhelmed and like life is going out of control, stop. Go find a quiet space away from all your daily tasks and responsibilities.

  • Give yourself time, about 3 hours for yourself.

    • Hour 1 - Use that time to journal and brain dump all the things you have to get done. Write down all your responsibilities so that you can free your your mind.

    • Hour 2 - Allow your self to simply be. Take a nap, lay in the grass outside, cloud watch or take a walk. Allow your mind to roam where it wants without focusing too much on your responsibilities.

    • Hour 3 - Get out your journal again and plan out how you will accomplish all you need to get done.

  • Create a list. Now that you know what needs to get done, make a list of everything for each category of your life. What do you have to do as partner, employee, business owner, student, parent, etc?

  • Prioritise. Now pick one thing in each category that will produce 80% of the results you are looking for.

  • Schedule. Input that one thing into your calendar and get it done. If after you get the high priority task done and you have time and mental reserves to do more then work on the smaller priority tasks.

I know how hectic it can be. Sometimes you may have to do this every week until you find the right balance or even a mini version to this each day. Overtime you will understand what gets you the most results with least effort so that you can win your day.

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Thank you for stopping by.

PS: What are you looking forward to doing the most this autumn?

Have a wonderful and amazing week. Remember you are capable, worthy and enough.

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