This issue of the newsletter will keep you up on some exciting new projects we've got going here at jcrmusic, and we'll continue along with our experiments with the round Hey Ho, Nobody Home.
Large Hourglass 4-string dulcimer by Jerry Rockwell. Photo by Mary Lautzenheiser

More Fun and More TAB...

......with Hey, Ho, Nobody Home, and all the cool things we can do on top of the Em - D chords. First up, we've got a TAB pdf for you that will run you through some ideas on how you might put some simple melodies on top of those repeating chords.

There are many possibilities for melodies to go over the Em – D chords that accompany the round Hey, Ho, Nobody Home. These are some of my ideas on this with your DAD-tuned dulcimer with a capo on the first fret. The basic idea is that you go right up the basic 6-tone (or hexatonic) scale (E – F# – G – A – B – D), and then come right back down. You can go up to the 5th of the Em chord (B) and then come down if you want, and then you might decorate these bare-bones lines some. This is basically how the TAB is set up, but try to use your imagination, remembering that two beats on Em – then two beats on D —- this is the basic reference structure.  (this could be played on any instrument that plays chords, or on another dulcimer, but for our purposes here, it is a silent little structure that runs in the background):

Hey Ho Ideas

Remember, don't worry too much about how the tune for the round works with all this stuff. We are just trying to see where all this might go--or how much fun we can have with a very simple repeating chord pattern like Em - D. Who knows... you may come up with your very own tune to go with these chords!! And it might not have anything to do with the round!!

In case you are looking for even more Hey Ho ideas, I just put a couple of coats of polish on this 2011 TAB (it is in CGC capo 1, but if you play the TAB while you're tuned DAD, everything will work out fine):

Hey Ho, Nobody Home 2011

New Blog!

After a few years working with a very basic blog on Blogger, I've decided to learn WordPress and build a much more involved blog: one where I can have a bunch of categories for my posts -- and most importantly -- have a very responsive place online where I can continue to answer your questions and interact with YOU, the subscribers to this newsletter.

Now I'm just starting out in WordPress, so don't expect miracles! I'm reading WordPress the missing manual by Matthew MacDonald, which is very readable and helps a LOT. Here is the link to the new blog: please give me comments or ask any questions (THANKS!):

Jerry Rockwell's Mountain Dulcimer Blog

New Release on Bandcamp!

It has taken me well over a year this time, but I've got a brand-new album available for download at Bandcamp. I will have CDs available on this one hopefully later this year, but for now you can listen all you want:

Tapping at the Edge of Paradise sure to let me know if there are tracks on this that you especially like, OK?


Boy, do I LOVE hearing from you!!! Do you have any ideas for future newsletters? I'm always overjoyed to hear from a few of you who really seem to connect with the music, and some recent conversations have really helped me to focus my efforts on the stuff that counts. Two of you noticed the fret one mistake in the TAB last time. ("fret 1" does NOT exist in a capo 1 situation: you go right from 0 to fret 2, which is hard for me to remember, and I'm not getting any younger!!). Anyway congrats on this!

Subscribers-Only Deals

If you want to buy a copy of my "real physical" CD (Nine Meditations for Dulcimer), here is a link for a very special subscribers-only deal, where you can also download an ebook pdf of my theory book. (I have a few optional donate buttons here as well, where you can make a donation for the theory ebook and/or the ongoing publication of this newsletter)

subscribers-only special deals

Thanks for reading, listening, and happy dulcimer pickin! 
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