This time we have even more cool links, yet another  brand new round that I just wrote recently, and a reminder about our upcoming mid-October SouthEast Ohio Dulcimer Festival.
Large Hourglass 4-string dulcimer by Jerry Rockwell. Photo by Mary Lautzenheiser

Another New Round in Three Parts

The response to Skip's Round was really overwhelming, so I got busy right away with a waltz version of the Bile Dem Cabbage chord progression (kind of a "stretched-out" version)

This is another 3-part round and each 16 measure part has its own page:

Cabbage Country Waltz (Part One)

Cabbage Country Waltz (Part Two)

Cabbage Country Waltz (Part Three)

If you want to hear some of my development work-in-process for this round, I basically just jammed over a loop of Part One, essentially using it as a "ground" for all three parts together:

Cabbage Country Waltz Jam

I know I included this video last time, but it is worth watching again and again!

If you want to know more about rounds or "perpetual canons" or "infinite canons" then go and watch these wonderful videos by 12tone:

Counterpoint: Round the World

(thanks go to Stephen Seifert for turning me on to all these 12tone videos!)

Some Interesting Theory Links

Jim Miller is an incredibly gifted multi-instrumentalist and music teacher. In this wonderful video, Jim gives an excellent intro to how music theory works on the mountain dulcimer, including some basic insights into how strings vibrate and the harmonic series:

Music Theory For Mountain Dulcimer

For those of you who may be fascinated by the origins of the whole notion of chord progressions, These two progressions from the Italian Renaissance are like the primeval ooze!! (Hint: does the Passamezzo Moderno remind you of any progression you've heard recently?)

Renaissance Chord Progressions Part 1

And here is a lovely guitar solo on the Passamezzo Antico by Italian guitarist and teacher Rocco Saviano (this is so beautiful it almost aches!!):

Passamezzo Antico (16th Century Italian)

Southeast Ohio Dulcimer Festival

Here is yet another reminder about our little festival and it is less than three weeks away! Here is a link to my home page, where you can view and download all the essential information, and we even have a tentative workshop grid:

Butch Ross and Jeff Berman & Susan Powers are our featured performers and teachers. 

Butch Ross is a most amazing performer who has dazzled many audiences with his genre-defying songwriting and his virtuosic dulcimer playing:

Jeff and Susan are two-thirds of Appalasia, and they have a magnificent new web site:

And Jeff is an extremely innovative mountain dulcimer player you can watch in this Close-Up video:

Close-Up: Jeff Berman (Part 2)

Thanks for reading and listening!
Questions and feedback ALWAYS welcome!!

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