Smart Commute saying "Thank You RTD Riders!" at events in the next few weeks, and more — read on!
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November 2021

The Smart Commuter

Smart Commute is saying "Thank You RTD Riders" This Month | "Resurfacing" Work on N Line this Month | Federal Boulevard Multimodal Plan Turning Heads | Understand Your Commute Footprint | Initial Findings:  How Close Are Organizations to Meeting Voluntary ETRP Goals? | Quick Hello from CDOT TDM ConferenceNews to Peruse — read on!
Transit provides a great mobility option for your Smart Commute! And  RTD transit services have multiple integrated modes to choose from. People choosing RTD transit options like light rail, commuter rail, express bus service, local bus service,  FlexRide and Access A Ride know the benefits transit has for them. But, additionally, these transit riders also benefit our community by reducing automobile tailpipe emissions and traffic congestion.  

Smart Commute will host a dozen events in the months of November and December in appreciation for these riders. Not only will our staff personally thank riders, but we’ll also provide information, offer cool swag, a hot drink, and an opportunity to provide feedback about their transit needs.

We're looking forward to meeting many of you in person at these events!
  • Friday, 11/12 (morning): Wagon Road Park-n-Ride
  • Monday, 11/15 (afternoon): Eastlake | 124th Avenue Station 
  • Monday, 11/15 (afternoon): Original Thornton | 88th Avenue Station 
  • Tuesday, 11/16 (afternoon):  Northglenn | 112th Avenue Station 
  • Wednesday, 11/17 (afternoon): Thornton Crossroads | 104th Avenue Station 
  • Thursday, 11/18 (afternoon):  Commerce City | 72nd Avenue Station 
  • Friday, 11/19 (morning):  Thornton Park-n-Ride (west side)
  • Saturday, 12/4 (afternoon):  Eastlake | 124th Avenue Station 
  • Saturday, 12/4 (afternoon): Northglenn | 112th Avenue Station 
  • Saturday, 12/4 (afternoon): Thornton Crossroads | 104th Avenue Station 
  • Sunday, 12/12, 2021 (midday):  Eastlake | 124th Avenue Station
  • Sunday, 12/12, 2021 (midday):  Northglenn | 112th Avenue Station 
Learn More about the N Line
RTD will be starting planned maintenance on the N Line on Sunday, and this work will be ongoing along the N Line for several weeks. RTD's crews will reset the ballast (rocks) beneath the rail lines and do preventative maintenance.

During the resurfacing process, a tamper vehicle (pictured below) picks up the rail along with the rail ties, then pushes metal paddles into the ballast to vibrate and compact the ballast under the ties. This brings the track up to a specified height and gets rid of dips in the rail. A regulator vehicle follows behind the tamper. The regulator distributes the ballast and smooths the track bed to bring it to a uniform appearance. 

Work will be noisy, but will only last for two days in each section of the line.  For more information, visit the RTD website.
Federal Boulevard is an important corridor for the north area and entire metro, and the Federal Boulevard Multimodal Transportation Study is focusing on making this corridor safer for all users.  Learn more by watching the short Denver7 news coverage (less than 2 minutes).  Have an extra 5 minutes?  Learn more about the project on the City of Westminster website.
Learn More about the Federal Boulevard Multimodal Transportation Study
In 2021, Greenhouse Gas emissions have been top-of-mind: mobile source emissions from cars and trucks recently passed electric power as the number one source of GHGs in the state.

Commute trips represent a unique opportunity for targeted GHG measurement and reduction. Emissions due to commuting are very measurable and can be benchmarked to easily see progress over time using Smart Commute's Commute Footprint Analysis.  Smart Commute has offered this service for years but has recently revamped the process and calculator to make it a streamlined, all-in-one offering.

With a 5-minute survey, Smart Commute can provide a tight estimate of the CO2 emissions and fuel consumption of your office - both negative externalities worth tracking over the long term.
Learn about Smart Commute's Commute Footprint Analysis
In the past month, Smart Commute has been rigorously analyzing data from our 2021 North Metro Commuter Survey.  Not only did Smart Commute have the highest response ever, with over 2300 responses, but we are also able to provide initial, aggregated reporting about how closely our anonymous employer partners were, as a group, meeting a voluntary ETRP SOV Drive Rate goal.

Looking at aggregated data from a dozen employer partners who had "large workforces" (according to the definition in the proposed ETRP rule), the average employer was 9 percentage points away from meeting the "75% SOV Drive Rate" goal, as defined in the rule.

Within this 9% average was a great deal of difference.  More than half were within 5 percentage points of meeting the goal (with one employer actually meeting the goal).  For the employers with the narrowest gaps, it was mostly a result of having a reasonable response rate (with 30% or more employees responding from the worksite).

Smart Commute is busy putting the final touches on our in-depth analysis for our employer partners, and will be meeting with them soon to discuss our findings and set goals. 
On Friday November 5, the Rocky Mountain ACT Chapter and CDOT hosted their first annual TDM Conference. Smart Commute’s very own team members Karen Stuart, Catherine Sanders and Carson Priest each played an active role in this inaugural statewide conference.

Karen kicked off the conference by giving opening remarks, Catherine was featured on a panel titled Data, Measurement, and Data Visualization, and Carson was an active member of the planning committee for the conference. Interested in a specific TDM topic? Check back here for recordings of each presentation!
See the TDM Conference Virtual Guide

News (etc) to Peruse

Colorado is getting around $1 billion from the federal infrastructure bill for transportation projects (CPR)
Google Maps launches eco-friendly routing in the US (Tech Crunch)
Smart Commute is the Way to Go provider for the north metro area. Learn about this regional program at
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