Smart Commute to provide expertise in statewide conference, Go-Tober is a chance to ditch a few car trips, and more — read on!
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October 2021

The Smart Commuter

Smart Commute Staff Are Featured Experts in Statewide TDM ConferenceOctober is "Go-Tober" | Check out Thornton's New Progressive Plan for their Transportation System  Bike to Work Day Recap | Find Out in 6-Minutes How You Are Working Wrong | RTD Encourages Girls to Learn About Transportation Careers | Great Quote from North Metro Commuter Survey | Congratulations Northglenn | September PhotosNews to Peruse — read on!
Join Smart Commute and the City of Northglenn for one more Full Moon Bike Ride on Wednesday, October 22. With waning daylight, come and enjoy a fantastic sunset, along with bike-friendly cooler weather. 
Register to stay up to date on the ride.
Would you like to better understand programs that help to reduce GHG pollution and alleviate congestion and promote travel options other than driving alone?  The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) and the Association of Commuter Transportation (ACT) Rocky Mountain Chapter will convene a free half-day virtual conference to explore these issues on Friday, November 5 from 7:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Smart Commute's Executive Director and CDOT Transportation Commissioner, Karen Stuart, will provide opening remarks and establish the foundational aspects this conference will address related to transportation infrastructure and TDM programs. 

Dozens of experts from a variety of organizations will speak in curated and moderated panels addressing a variety of important topics, including economic development and TDM, data and technology with TDM, and employer strategies for TDM.  Smart Commute's Deputy Executive Director, Catherine Sanders, TDM-CP, will present on Data and Measurement in TDM as an expert panelist.

For more information, or to register for this free event, visit the CDOT TDM Page.
Join Smart Commute at the CDOT TDM Conference
Bike to Work Day was September 22 - a twist on the typical "Fourth Wednesday of June" date, encouraging all riders to "get back in the saddle."  An estimated 8,000 people came out to bike on Bike to Work Day, celebrating at 125 stations (including nearly a dozen in the north area). 19% of registered riders were first-time participants this year, and Smart Commute celebrates and encourages these new riders to keep riding!
During the month of October, change the way you get around for a chance to win prizes! Sign up and track commutes to the office by bike, foot, rail, transit or sharing a ride. Telework counts, too! Help beat traffic congestion and have fun doing it.

Go-Tober is a commuter challenge that began in 2015 with 25 companies from all across the metro area.  Since 2015, Go-Tober has grown to include thousands of commuters, maintaining it's original company challenge component while also inviting individuals to participate in the fun (and win prizes, like Amazon gift cards or Skullcandy Headphones).

Participating is quite easy - simply sign up on My Way to Go, and start logging your trips.  (PS - if you want tips on privacy-protected auto-logging, contact Carson).  Our friends at the Denver Regional Council of Governments, the organizers of this challenge, even prepared the fun graphic below to help you get started.
Join Smart Commute for the Free CDOT TDM Conference
Shoulder Tendinitis?  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?  Plantar Fasciitis?  Each syndrome is a source of significant pain, which can be experienced occasionally or chronically.  If you work at a desk - particularly in a home environment - you may be doing significant harm to your body mechanics in the very way you work!

Take 6 minutes now to check your desk environment and make adjustments to support your productivity and health.
Playlist of All Physical and Mental Wellness Videos

The City of Thornton has completed a draft of the Thornton Transportation and Mobility Master Plan (TMMP) which will replace Thornton’s Transportation Master Plan. The city is eager for comments any time between now and November 5, 2021.

  • Read the draft: Click here to access the October 2021 TMMP draft document.  
  • The four-page Executive Summary is graphics-heavy and a very interesting read - it took Smart Commute staff less than four minutes to peruse.  The other sections are laid out to make them easy to read, and there are some very satisfying comments.
  • Provide comments: Click here to access a survey form that allows you to provide specific comments on the TMMP draft. You can also email comments to
The project team will review all the comments and, as appropriate, revise the TMMP. The revised draft will be presented in early 2022 to Thornton City Council for consideration to be adopted to replace the current Transportation Master Plan. Please check the project website for the most up to date information.
The 2021 North Metro Commuter Survey has wrapped up, with over 1300 unique response and over a thousand write-in comments that Smart Commute staff is busy reviewing.  As always, we received some very thoughtful comments, including the one featured above. 

While Smart Commute works to support the North Area Transportation Alliance (NATA), ensuring uniform transportation advocacy with a unified voice, there is still so much work that can be done to ensure the kind of cross-jurisdictional coordination and collaboration this respondent describes.  

Additionally, the Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG) recently completed the 2050 Regional Transportation Plan which strives to set the region-wide vision for the Denver region's multimodal transportation network.

Well stated!

On September 28, RTD participated in "Transportation & Construction Girl," an event designed "to draw attention to women in the transportation and construction industries and prompt others to join."

Interestingly, the American Public Transportation Association reports that the majority of transit riders in the United States are women. Events like "Transportation & Construction Girl" help to showcase opportunities for women in the field, leading to stronger integration of women into all aspects of the transportation system.

Smart Commute was happy to see that the new Northglenn Recreation Center, Senior Center and Theater is ready for active transportation arrivals!  Not only are beautiful branded bike racks available, but there is even a skateboard rack (the tall, slotted monolith pictured behind the bike racks)!  Congratulations, Northglenn, on the opening of a great new facility to support physical and mental health, and culture.
Smart Commute continues to be busy providing information, action and advocacy at small community events, including at four Bike to Work Day Stations in September!

News (etc) to Peruse

Colorado bicyclists could legally roll through stop signs (sometimes, anyway) under a new bill [which is already legal in Thornton] (CPR)
Tempe, Arizona, with Multi-Modal Transportation Push, Eyes Higher Ranking On Alternative-Transit List (Wrangler News)
Colorado resort towns begin testing locally-made electric shuttles (Denver Biz Journal)
Planning’s Disability Blindspot (People for Bikes)
Smart Commute is the Way to Go provider for the north metro area. Learn about this regional program at
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