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August 2018
While the first couple of days of September can start off easy enough it is a month that calls for industry and giving yourself fully. If you use excuses to slack off or if you don’t apply yourself, September could turn out to be a difficult month. If you wish to succeed this month and 'crack the nut' that is September you are called for patience, persistence and perseverance. While the fainthearted may give up after the normal run at things if you wish to succeed you are called to give yourself wholeheartedly time and again. Only at that point can September give you the abundance that is actually there. Be aware of where you make excuses or have a slacking off pattern because they will work against you in this month. Stay focused. Commit 100% to whatever you are doing and whomever you are doing it with. Be consistent. Stay alert. To reach your greatness and the good fortune that is available in September you will need to have total application of yourself, like the point man in a platoon or a chief executive officer in a successful company.  
Prepare your mind. Manifest for ease and success every morning as you wake up and every night before you go to bed when the mind is less shackled by the ego. Every time you become aware that there is a problem or things are hard turn your mind over to Heaven to undo the problem or straighten out your mind. Mind preparation for a smooth and powerful month is crucial. My father used to say that football was 90% inspiration and 10% perspiration. The same applies if you want to succeed and have increase this month. Increase naturally builds partnership and unity. If you are focused and stay centered then much can be accomplished in the next three and a half months. Remember your peace is everything. If you get knocked off the track, keep asking to be returned to your center and keep asking until you experience profound peace. You can use these Words of Power from A Course in Miracles to peel off layer after layer of anxiety, stress or exhaustion: “I could have peace instead of this.”
There is a principle that masters know that could save you years worth of hard work and evolution. And let’s face it everyone would like to have the wisdom they have now with the youth they had before. Save yourself time. A Course in Miracles calls miracle workers “time-savers.” The principle is simple. Don’t do anything yourself. Let Heaven do everything through you. Do only what you are called to do and then let Heaven do it for you. To learn this one principle is to save yourself decades of time. Give yourself fully and energetically and let Heaven do the 'heavy lifting'. You know when you are giving yourself fully because it feels easy while giving anything less than that can feel quite hard.
If you are a cultural conservative this month trying to be like everyone else life can be quite difficult. If you are extraordinary as you were created to be then it could be a miraculous month with new vistas and new understandings opening up. Give yourself fully and life and sex could be pretty amazing. If not life can be the 'same old, same old' life of routine and feelings of deadness. Every time you give yourself fully some old conflict is healed and the mountain you are climbing gets slightly smaller. The more of these splits in the mind that you heal the more your heart is reviewed and you move forward available for the emergence of gifts, even gifts you didn’t know you had. This brings more flow to your lives. It is really crucial to be proactive in this time before Christmas and the New Year if you really want to accomplish anything of significance spiritually or in the world. If you need to get up early and go to bed late to accomplish your goals then do so because this time period sets the tone for the rest of your life.
Your life is meant to be a work of art, a masterpiece but will you give what needs to be given to accomplish that and receive from Heaven all the inspiration, juiciness and grace that Heaven has for you always. What will you make of your life?! It could be amazing. You teach by everything you do and in everything you are. You could leave a legacy that frees many people or be part of the countless millions who just get along in life. Today is a good day to decide what you will make of your life. The more you give yourself the more you are open to receive for yourself and others. The more you give yourself to life the more your light shines as a beacon to others.
If you don’t include yourself this month it will be easy to burnout when things are just getting started. Balance, self-love and self-inclusion are important this month. Starting on the thirteenth of September for a few days there will be a great flow of grace. If you allow it, it will lead to a great amount of relatedness, new intimacy and bonding that is reaped at the beginning of October. This brings meaning, fun and happiness into your life. Choose to love yourself and give to yourself and beware that indulgence will put you in a vicious circle of indulgence and sacrifice and thus could easily lead to exhaustion and burnout.
Have an amazing month. Welcome the grace and all good things that Heaven has for you this month. Never give up and ask for Heaven’s help every step of the way.  
Chuck Spezzano
Kaneohe, Hawaii

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