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November 2018
What occurs in November is a continuation of themes from the end of October. There can be real change in your life this month if you are willing. There can be new vistas and vision if you give up your feelings of uncertainty and self-doubt. These are from your ego wanting to delay change. This November can be both an adventure and a crossroads. Adventure implies action and sometimes even danger. If you are holding on tightly there can be loss as a way to begin a new chapter into your life. But this new chapter only occurs if you are willing to let go of any attachment to the past.
Sometimes if you lose a person close to you some of your selves die. It is crucial to find where you buried these selves in your body and blow the sacred breath of life back into them to awaken them. Then love them until they reach your present age and can melt back into you. They will reconnect wires in your heart, mind and body. Let go. Trust the process. And give 100% to the next chapter in your life. If there is not the adventure that comes from loss then it is time to be aware and “stay on your toes.” If you fall into what seems like a big hole and you are in good faith then you have entered a place where you fell from a higher level of consciousness once before. At the time as a result of that fall your consciousness became less than it was before. You lost a part of yourself you can now regain. Once again you are facing the old pain and darkness but with the intention of regaining the plateau of consciousness you had before. Of course, when you fall into a deep hole usually all you notice is the pain and darkness. But if you are aware that your soul has set this up for you with a positive intention you won't despair, lose faith or attack yourself about it. Keep committing to this birth and at the same time remember that the angels surround you watching over you. Things that can help you this month have to do with going inward for quiet time, meditation or Words of Power such as, “I am not trapped. I am in the Kingdom.”

If you are being passive aggressive, contrary or vengeful this is a bad attitude. It is usually a repressed stage of the mind that feeds our deep or chronic problems that are part of our authority conflict and fight with God. It is in turn fed by the astral that contains demons, devils and dark gods which is simply our ancient ego wanting to keep things exactly as they are even if we are in pain. Some of our worst traumas had this dark energy fading into it keeping them toxic.  

You are not limited. You can give yourself 100% or more to everything and everyone around you. This can truly help you. When you give more than 100% you learn that it is possible to give more than 100%. Giving yourself fully is one of the keys to happiness in every regard. Giving yourself more than a 100% is the way to get through a chronic problem.

Patterns of self-destructiveness, or undoing can show up this month to be healed. Undoing is where we get tired or bored with our life or partner and knock down all we have built up in our lives so that we lose time on our soul’s journey back to Oneness. There is a better, different type of undoing, a spiritual undoing in which we give a chronic problem over to the Holy Spirit or the Tao to be undone. This saves a lot of time and connects us at a greater level with spirit which is what we are all evolving toward.

Give yourself fully in all that you are engaged in. Be ardent in your relationships. Be grateful for your partner and everyone around you. Take no one for granted. You won't have them forever so love and enjoy them now. Enjoy each stage in your relationship. The more you go forward in your life the faster it seems to go. If you enjoy each step your life will be all that much richer as you savor it. Deep in the mind it shows that no one deprives you, makes you suffer or sacrifice yourself because only you can do that. There are crazy, hidden payoffs we have for these choices that we made and keep buried in the subconscious. If we knew what we were doing or what we had chosen we would necessarily make better decisions. We try to keep a good image of ourselves by hiding that we are using pain and problems for certain dark purposes.

Our ego doesn’t want us to see the power we have for happy change. It wants to blame and make excuses and not see how we set up and use these situations. The world is at a crossroads. We cannot keep choosing greed, ignorance and blindness. If we keep choosing dissociated independence instead of partnership we are making a big mistake not just for ourselves but for those we love as well as the whole world. “The smart horse moves at the shadow of the whip,” is a saying attributed to both the Buddha and Confucius. Let us be willing learners. Let us be willing to heal ourselves rather than hide our wounds. Let us give up our hard heartedness as it shows in victim situations and lack of responsiveness to ourselves and to others’ calls for help. Let us let go of mistaken choices to be victimized when instead we can save the day. This is what the subconscious shows. We could have stepped up instead of hiding and using our pain and grievances to build our ego.

If you are open there can be both new levels of success in November as well as a growing calling within you about how to help. New chapters in your purpose may show themselves to you. Your happiness and fulfillment lies in hearing the call within and responding to it.

There is so much that can be accomplished in the next month and into December. Take advantage of it. Limit all soul-sucking activities this month as they wear you out, steal your energy and keep you from progress. Your progress is the world’s progress unless you are using it for competition. Much can be achieved and you can end the month feeling much better than when you started.

If you want to teach, keep learning. If you want to be a healer keep healing. Your own healing depends on you helping others to heal. Enjoy this month as it can slip by really fast.

Wishing you great happiness and enjoyment this month.
Chuck Spezzano
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